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Covid, India: 13 passengers on a flight from Italy escape from quarantine

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At least 13 passengers on the Italy-India flight, who tested positive for Covid-19 upon their arrival in an Indian city, Amritsar, have fled the obligation of quarantine. The group was among the 125 positive passengers on the flight that departed from Milan and landed on Wednesday afternoon: 9 disappeared when they were still at the airport, another four escaped from a local hospital, he told the Bbc Punjabi a source of the local administration, Sherjang Singh. The police have announced that they will report them.

India is still traumatized by the frightening wave of Covid-19 last spring and now the authorities of several Indian megacities must face another wave, the one triggered by the Omicron variant and try to avoid the worst.

Has India tamed the pandemic?

at Claudia Ehrenstein

On board the flight there were 160 people, three / quarters of whom actually tested positive, perhaps more considering that infants and children were not tested. The news was also prominent because local TVs showed ambulances lined up outside the airport waiting to take the infected to hospital.

Police confirmed that they have initiated the procedure to cancel their passports. “If they don’t come back by the morning, we will post their photos in the newspaper and file complaints against them,” he told TV. ndtv Amritsar Deputy Commissioner Gurpreet Singh Khehra.


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