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Cubans are called to thank the Madrid hospital for taking in Amanda – CiberCuba

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Cubans are being urged to show their gratitude to a Madrid hospital for taking in Amanda Lemus, a young Cuban girl in need of a liver transplant. The 13-year-old girl has already been admitted to the hospital in Spain, and doctors are impressed with her physical deterioration.

Amanda, also known as Cubita, traveled to Spain to undergo the life-saving procedure, which was not available in Cuba. The news of her journey and admission to the hospital was reported by CiberCuba, a popular news outlet in Cuba.

The community is being called upon to show their support and appreciation for the hospital in Madrid for providing the medical care that Amanda desperately needs. The young girl’s story has touched the hearts of many, and people are rallying behind her as she continues her battle for health and recovery.

As Amanda undergoes treatment in Spain, her family and supporters are hopeful for a successful outcome. The transplant is a crucial step in her journey towards a healthier future, and the Cuban community is standing together in solidarity with the young girl and her family during this challenging time.

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