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Defeat in the top game! Setback for the Reds in the title race

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Defeat in the top game!  Setback for the Reds in the title race

45.+4. Immediately afterwards we go to break.

45.+3. Tooor! Arsenal FC vs. Liverpool FC 1:1. The equalizer for the Reds came out of nowhere. Diaz can barely hold on to a chip ball from Gravenberch into the box against Saliba. Even as he falls, the Colombian sneaks the ball past the Arsenal defender and actually wants to serve Diogo Jota in the middle. But Gabriel’s hand intervenes and deflects the ball into Raya’s own goal. Is that bitter for the Gunners?

45.+1. Jorginho plays an outstanding pass to Martinello on the half-right side of the box. The Gunners striker turns quickly around his own axis and shoots straight away. With a bit of luck his shot will be blocked. There was more to it.

45. Three minutes are replayed.

45. Luis Diaz should also get a yellow card for his foul against White. But Taylor leaves the box stuck.

43. Havertz takes out his studs against Mac Allister in midfield and is lucky that he isn’t booked for it.

42. It stays that way. Liverpool have so far lacked any brilliant ideas against a well-positioned Arsenal defense. Dangerous actions rarely occur.

39. The Gunners press again, hectic in Liverpool’s penalty area. First Rice is blocked, then Havertz – diagonally in front of Alisson. The score was 2-0 in the air.

37. Martinelli eats Alexander-Arnold on the outside and runs down the line. Konate clears him. That’s why there’s a free kick. Dier finds Gabriel in the middle via a detour. However, his shot is not a problem for Alisson.

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36. The Gunners’ first approach to goal in a while. Martinelli and Havertz play freely on the left side. But he pulls the German’s flank into the center too close to death. Alisson is there and takes action.

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