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Director Greta Gerwig is Time’s Woman of the Year 2024

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Director Greta Gerwig is Time’s Woman of the Year 2024

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Greta Gerwig is the woman of the year for “Time” magazine, after being snubbed from the top five Oscars for directing and after her Barbie left empty-handed at the Bafta, the awards for the best Anglo-Saxon cinema. The director of Lady Bird and Little Women was chosen together with twelve other “trailblazers”, women from all over the world who have dedicated themselves to making others emerge in parallel with their success: among these the Nobel prize winner Nadia Murad, the tennis player Coco Gauff , the economist Claudia Goldin (Nobel for economics) and the geneticist Marlena Fejzo.

Gerwig was interviewed by Time in London, where she is working on the Netflix adaptation of the first book of CS Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. A project that has been in the making for some time, a draft of which the director worked on even before setting foot on the set of Barbie. «For me the right thing is to continue making films. Regardless of what happens, good or bad, you have to move forward.”

For Gerwig, the last few months have been a rollercoaster: first the triumph in theaters with 1.4 billion dollars in takings for the summer phenomenon film about the Mattel doll, then the cold shower of the awards season. Gerwig arrives at the Oscars with a nomination for best non-original screenplay: she was instead excluded from the director category, while the film’s protagonist, Margot Robbie, was snubbed by the five best actresses.

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