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“Don’t need a man to be happy today”

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“Don’t need a man to be happy today”

Simone Thomalla (58) looked back on her failed relationships in an interview and explained that she is also happy as a single.

In an interview with “Bild”, the 58-year-old drew a conclusion about her love life so far. “I have been in committed relationships for the vast majority of my adult life,” she says “Spring”-Main actress. “I haven’t had many men, but that’s it long relationships: Five years, nine years, 13 years. In any case, I never hopped from flower to flower.”

she has “great men” at her side, “with whom I shared a table and bed for years,” says the actress, who, however, does not mourn any relationship. “Every man had his time. Because every age brings with it different ideas about love,” explains Thomalla. That’s why she also believes “that there isn’t just one great love – I have it size Love In any case, I’ve experienced it more than once, and I’m grateful for that.” Even if the relationships ended, she and her ex-partners would never have lost touch.

Simone Thomalla doesn’t see divorce as a failure

She is still close friends with the father of daughter Sophia Thomalla (34) and the two have never lost sight of each other. At the divorce, who ended their marriage in 1991 in 1995, the two had a common lawyer and then went out to dinner together. “At the time I thought: I want to live this concept of father, mother, child. That didn’t work, but I don’t see it as that Fail, on the contrary. We have grown,” sums up Thomalla, who after her marriage, among others, was with ex-Schalke manager Rudi Assauer (1944-2019) from 2000 to 2009 and with a handball player from 2009 to 2021 Silvio Heinevetter (39) was in a relationship.

The TV celebrity goes on to say that the men at her side also influenced her. Her self-consciousness For example, “probably only came with Rudi,” says Thomalla about the man who died in 2019 Rudi Assauer, whom she describes as a “real guy.” “Rudi was my rock. With him I always had the feeling that nothing could happen to me. That was good for me.”

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“I don’t need a man to be happy today,” she emphasizes actress. She can enjoy being alone sometimes. “I have always been in my relationships independent – and that’s exactly what I am now.” She knows what she no longer wants. “A Heiopei who Publicity looking for it doesn’t come into my house.”

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