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Draghi at the climate summit: “Recovery from the pandemic is a unique opportunity to create a green economy”

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On the environmental and climate issue, “we must reverse course and do it immediately. We want to act now, have no regrets later ”.

So the Prime Minister Mario Draghi, made his debut at the Leaders Summit on Climate, in the working session which takes place in live streaming, after having thanked the President of the United States Joe Biden “For his leadership for this initiative. With him there was a complete change, ”said Draghi in front of the greatest leaders in the world. “We are confident that all together we can win this challenge. We have to change our approach and do it now ”, he added, not neglecting the“ great chance ”of the PNNR, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, with which“ we can transform our economies into a greener and more inclusive model ”.

Climate emergency, Draghi: “What has been done so far is insufficient, we must reverse the course”

“Italy is a beautiful but fragile country. The fight against climate change is a fight for our history and for our landscapes. We must frame our efforts towards sustainability within an effective and inclusive multilateral approach ”- he concludes -. “Italy this year holds the Presidency of the G20 and the protection of our planet is one of the main objectives of our program”.

Climate emergency, Biden: “It is the decisive decade, we must act”

Draghi also spoke of the pandemic linked to the emergence of other crises: “While we are fighting the pandemic we cannot forget the other crises” such as that of the climate, he said. And again: “” We must change the way we work and we must do it quickly. The Plan for Recovery from the Pandemic offers us a unique opportunity, that of transforming our economies and achieving a greener and more inclusive economy. Our goal is support the sustainable transition in Europe and ensure that the EU reaches climate neutrality by 2050 “.

Climate, agreement between the Council and the EU Parliament to cut emissions by 55% by 2030

by our correspondent Alberto D’Argenio

Draghi underlined that “the climate commitments we will make in 2021 can determine the chances of tackling climate change for ten years or more”. “Our actions have so far been insufficient. With the Paris Agreements we have committed ourselves to limiting global warming to +1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels. With current policies we risk warming by +3 degrees. We have to reverse it. the route and we must do it soon “.

China, Russia and Turkey: the new threats in the Mediterranean

by Gianluca Di Feo

“In Europe – continued Draghi – we launched the Next generation Eu plan worth 750 billion euros. One of the objectives is to support the environmental transition and make the EU free from coal by 2050. About 10% of the plan (70 billion euro) will only be used in Italy for investments in green infrastructures, circular economy and sustainable mobility “.

During the G20 presidency, Italy intends to host the summit of all public development banks. The aim is also to help “the most vulnerable countries”. Italy, in December 2020, has already committed itself to granting 30 million euros to the specific UN Fund.


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