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Else is getting married, Else Kåss Furuseth

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Else is getting married, Else Kåss Furuseth

OSLO SPEKTRUM (Nettavisen): On Saturday evening, Else Kåss Furuseth got married in front of thousands of people in Oslo Spektrum.

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There has been great excitement about who the chosen one is. In a film that was played on the big screen in spectrum, it was revealed that 49-year-old Tommy Johansen from Sandefjord was the groom of the evening.

– I think Else and I have good chemistry, we are two happy people, he says in the video.

– We are quite similar actually. Else lives by juggling on stage, I live by juggling in the kitchen, he continues.

The wedding takes place after the presenter’s search for her future husband through the talk show “Else”.

Give each other their yes

– First of all, thank you for taking part in this. And sorry.

This is how Kåss Furuseth began his vows to the groom.

– I promise that life with me will not always be exactly like it here, in Oslo Spektrum, she continued.

She also talked about the time they have had together so far.

– And last but not least, I promise never to expose you to something like this again, I think, she concluded.

Groom Tommy started his vows by promising not to be intimidated by the bride’s ideas and inventions.

– I hope that we can still make each other happy, if there are days that are not so bright, I promise to be there anyway, he continued.

– Then I promise to still accept your 50 questions a day, and answer them. I promise to respect you, take care of you and be kind to you, he concluded.

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The couple was married by Bjørn Eidsvåg, and there was a packed hall that erupted in applause when the bride and groom gave each other their yes.

The honeymoon

After the wedding party ended at Oslo Spektrum on Saturday, the newlyweds spent a few minutes talking to the press.

Johansen explains how he experienced the whole process.

– Surprisingly pleasant, and I was surprisingly much calmer than I had thought, the groom told the press corps.

The newlyweds were also able to reveal their honeymoon.

– We are both workaholics. But we have agreed on a long weekend, said Kåss Furuseth.

The couple’s dream destination is a road trip.

– It is problem-free and delicious, she says in conclusion.

– Absolutely sick to do!

– I think it will be a fun evening with a lot of surprises and nice people, says Chris Holsten to Nettavisen on the red carpet before the show starts.

– Could you imagine getting married in a crowded Spektrum yourself?

– In no way, it’s a completely sick thing to do, Holsten laughs.

His advice to tonight’s bride is to dare to talk about things, and to feel the feeling you have on the day you get married, even long after the wedding.

– In a relationship that goes up and down, it is important to remember how well you can actually have it. If it hurts at one point, don’t forget the feeling you have in your stomach today. That is the foundation of the relationship, says Holsten.

– Has a favourite

– If there is anyone who can do it, it is Else, says Henriette Steenstrup.

She arrived on the red carpet together with Sigrid Bonde Tusvik.

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– We don’t know who she will marry, says Bonde Tusvik.

– I have a favourite, but everything is very secret here tonight, so it will be exciting, Steenstrup continues.

According to the friends, opinions about Else’s project have been divided.

– She asked if it was a good idea, the whole scheme, and then I guess most of the friends said no and then she didn’t listen to it, says Steenstrup.

– I have sky-high expectations, both for myself, Henriette and Else, concludes Bonde Tusvik

Have met Else’s chosen ones

Markus Neby arrived on the red carpet in a dark suit and tie. He says to Nettavisen that he expects an epic evening.

– I am excited and nervous on Else’s behalf, says Neby to Nettavisen.

He himself will contribute with entertainment from the stage, and has also met Else’s nominees.

– I have a very good impression of him, says Neby.

Comedian Calle Hellevang-Larsen was also present on the red carpet.

– I am very much looking forward to seeing if it will be a yes. If there will be a man at all, he says.

Hellevang-Larsen is among those who like the invention.

– I think it’s fun and original. Never seen anything like it before.

Had you done this yourself?

– No, I didn’t have that.

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