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Eros Ramazzotti: ‘Enough blood, enough wars’ – Photo

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Eros Ramazzotti: ‘Enough blood, enough wars’ – Photo

For the 40 years of Terra Promessa, with which he won among the New Proposals, Eros Ramazzotti returns as a guest. He drags the theater into a mega karaoke, then launches his appeal: “There are almost 500 million children living in conflict zones, millions more who will never see the promised land: no more blood, no more wars. Peace! Our thoughts for ever”. A thought for my father, “he gave me the push”, thanks to Sanremo from which it all began, and then three unforgettable moments of his career: “The arrival in Milan from Rome: I couldn’t see the city, there was fog, but I liked the city’s energy between music, fashion, art; the signing with Sony in ’95 and then the meeting with Tina Turner which I would like to remember tonight”.

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