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eSIM in the Android system, what was presented at MWC 2024

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eSIM in the Android system, what was presented at MWC 2024

By 2025 – according to the GSMA Intellicence report – there will be over 3.4 billion eSIM-enabled devices (including tablets, laptops and smartwatches) and 98% of mobile network operators aim to offer eSIM service by then.

This perspective indicates that there is a lot of interest in making the best use of the eSIM, whose primary objective is to provide the best service to the user. To prepare for this change, Thales’ eSIM Discovery solution, in close collaboration with Google, allows you to manage eSIM activation on Android devices easily, with just one click.

When eSIM devices are first turned on, they detect the user’s carrier and download the subscription to activate cellular access.

Thales eSIM Discovery

The Thales eSIM Discovery service will make this process easier and more possible, allowing for one-click activation.

In fact, thanks to this solution, when a user subscribes to a new mobile network, a message will appear on the device screen informing him that the profile is ready for download. If accepted, the subscription is downloaded immediately. Alternatively, the user can check for a new profile via the mobile device setup wizard or settings menu. For the user, it’s as simple as having mobile connectivity.

Furthermore, as the solution is cloud-based and designed to cope with future deployments, Thales can ensure global availability to support all Android devices and operators anywhere in the world.

To put it another way, the system allows eSIM profile activation anywhere and on any device.

“Thales is pleased to partner with Google to provide a simple and secure way to activate eSIM subscriptions to make life easier for Android device users and manufacturers.

The Thales eSIM Discovery Service makes life easier for users and connectivity providers. Any mobile operator that currently uses our platform to manage subscriptions can already integrate with this solution and start offering all users who own an Android device the ability to activate the eSIM with one click,” said Eva Rudin, EVP Mobile Connectivity Solutions at Thales.

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