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February 29th: Radio Essen invites you

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February 29th: Radio Essen invites you

We want to celebrate February 29th with you! This day only occurs every four years and that is why we invite all birthday children, married couples and others who associate this day with something special.

February 29th at Radio Essen: That’s planned

We would like to celebrate February 29th with you in a very special way. This day only occurs every four years, and now it’s that time again. We invite all birthday children whose birthday is on February 29th. But wedding couples who got married on this day or others who associate February 29th with something very special are also warmly invited. From 9 a.m. you can get a short tour of the station and of course coffee and cake at Radio Essen at Lindenallee 6. Of course, a visit to the live studio should not be missed. Do you want to? Then simply get in touch using the form below!

Here you can register:

You can bring up to 2 additional people with you. We welcome our guests between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m., later is unfortunately not possible. You will receive feedback as quickly as possible after registration. Please note that it may take longer on weekends.

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