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February 9: top recommended books on Journalist’s Day

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February 9: top recommended books on Journalist’s Day

In the Public Library Network – BibloRed is celebrated on Journalist’s Day in Colombia with an anniversary of the origin of this date and we recommend a top of books about it.

Although Internationally, Journalist’s Day is celebrated on September 8, due to the murder of the reporter Czech Julius Fucik On behalf of the Nazis in 1983, each country usually has its own internal celebration to commemorate information professionals in their different territories. And Colombia is no exception.

In our country, Journalist’s Day is celebrated every year. February 9because in 1791 the first newspaper in Bogotá called “Newspaper of the City of Santafé de Bogotá”.

This media outlet was directed by the Cuban Manuel del Socorro Rodríguez de la Victoria and historical men from Colombia such as Anthony Narino, Francis Antonio Zea and Francis Jose de Caldas.

There, all types of content were written according to the time, such as social articles, daily life in the colonies, military information, topics on the advances in science that arrived in the country in those years; and there was also space to record literary texts.

In this way, with the passage of time the exercise of the professional journalism in Colombia thanks to the invention of Manuel del Socorro Rodríguez de la Victoria.

Thus things, with the success of the “Newspaper of the City of Santafé de Bogotá“The Bogotá Journalists’ Circle (CPB) was formed, which ultimately confirmed the date of February 9 to commemorate the Day of the Professional Journalist, to such an extent that this was stipulated in the Law 51 of December 18, 1975.

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But there is room for confusion with the date, since in Law 918 of 2004 they announced August 4 as Journalist’s Day to commemorate Antonio Nariño, who translated and printed the Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen, to later be exalted as the first political journalist in Colombia. However, the bulk of the country’s journalists tend to give priority to February 9 for its celebration.

With the aim of commemorating the day of all the brave journalists of Colombia, in BibloRed we make a book recommendation our catalog physical related to social communication in the country, its history and the best details.

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