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Free and half price: the promos in Peru for Pizza Day

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Free and half price: the promos in Peru for Pizza Day

Brands like Little Caesars, Domino’s, Papa Johns and Pizza Hut are celebrating World Pizza Day with amazing deals. This is the variety of discounts to celebrate the date declared by UNESCO in 2017

Did you know that today is World Pizza Day? Since 2017, every February 9 is the date chosen to celebrate the combination of cheese, dough, tomato sauce and an infinite number of additions. The celebration was determined by UNESCO by declaring the dish as Intangible Heritage of Humanity. A distinction awarded for its significant role in social life. In this context, pizzerias with a presence in Peru offer significant discounts.

Papa Johns Peru

A nationwide promotion! Papa Johns celebrates Pizza Day with free units. The process to obtain them is simple. You just need to wear a green summer garment or accessory. That is, it can be anything from a float or a towel to a green Hawaiian shirt, hat or cooler. Of course, any of them in green. Once at the checkout, cashiers will say “pizza” and customers must respond “playa, chill, Papa Johns.” And ready! 20 pizza will be delivered per store.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the promotion is valid only today, February 9, in all its stores, except at the airport. In addition, it comes into effect from 11:00 am until stock lasts. Not valid for delivery or combinable with other promotions. The brand has also been sharing other discounts for the date.

Little Caesars

Cheaper than ever! For Pizza Day, Little Caesars offers family pepperoni pizzas for only S/. 10.00. The offer is effective between ten in the morning today and four in the afternoon. In addition, the brand emphasizes that the purchase per person is unlimited. However, the promotion is exclusive for in-store purchases.

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This offer provides a wide variety of pizza flavors. Domino’s believes that in this day and age, no one should settle for just pepperoni. Therefore, their promo applies to seven flavors. The chosen ones are Hawaiianna, Honolulu, special pepperoni, veggie, American, pepperoni or classic cheese.

Family pizzas of these flavors can be purchased for only S/. 19.90. It is valid on February 9 and in the time range from twelve noon to six in the afternoon. However, it is valid only in the takeaway purchase mode.

Pizza Hut

Why limit yourself to one day? That is Pizza Hut’s question to its customers. For this reason, the brand extends the celebration to the entire weekend with a campaign called Pizza Weekend. The action consists of several pizza options at low prices. For example, 2×1 large pizza plus a one-liter soda exclusively for delivery orders. Plus, a large pizza plus 2 regular sodas as/19.90 for in-store purchases only. Offers are valid between February 9 and 11.

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