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Friday survey | “AI painting” has become popular on social platforms, can a “novice” with zero foundation also become an artist? _Suzhou Minsheng_Suzhou News

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Friday survey | “AI painting” has become popular on social platforms, can a “novice” with zero foundation also become an artist? _Suzhou Minsheng_Suzhou News

Original kitten photo.

Original kitten photo.

According to the original picture of the kitten photo, the cat drawn by AI painting software.Photo provided by the interviewee

According to the original picture of the kitten photo, the cat drawn by AI painting software.Photo provided by the interviewee

“AI painting” that can create a painting based on a few nouns and a photo has become popular on social platforms

Can a “little white” with zero foundation also become an artist?

Our reporter Li Yupeng, Chen Zhaoshuai, Liu Da

Enter a few nouns, and you can get an exquisite portrait; upload a photo, and you can get a two-dimensional photo… During this period, AI painting has become a new traffic password on social platforms, and many citizens are Share paintings or avatars generated with AI painting.

Deeply “learning” a large amount of image data, and automatically creating a new painting based on the style of these images and the qualifiers entered by the user, this is the logic behind AI painting. For users of AI painting, the threshold for painting has undoubtedly become lower. So, with the continuous maturity of AI painting technology, does it mean that in the future, all zero-based “novice” will be able to become artists without professional training? In this regard, the reporter launched an investigation.

From professional circles to ordinary people

AI painting style blows up on social platforms

“I was amazed by artificial intelligence!” This is Li Yamu’s first feeling when she saw AI paintings after 2000. She has taught herself to paint for more than a year. And she was attracted by AI painting because she saw an AI painting called “Space Opera House”, which won the digital art championship at the Colorado Art Fair in the United States. “From the perspective of the picture, the style of this work is extremely delicate, almost indistinguishable from human paintings. I was surprised by the delicate brushstrokes, exquisite composition and smooth picture of the AI ​​painting.”

Also surprised was Liu Yanxin, born in 1995, who worked in an Internet company in the park. On social platforms such as Moments and Douyin, she often finds paintings created by AI that are posted by many friends and netizens around her. “A few keywords or a sentence can be turned into a painting.” Liu Yanxin said that even people like her who have never learned painting, just need to input a few keywords on the AI ​​​​painting platform, and it can take tens of seconds clock, or two or three minutes long, you can get a “painting” of your own.

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Recently, this trend has spread from professional circles to ordinary people, and AI painting has become the traffic password of social platforms. Whether it is a Chinese-style ink landscape painting, an oil painting with a magnificent palace, or even a futuristic “cyberpunk” concept illustration, AI painting can easily handle it. The reporter searched and found that on social platforms such as Xiaohongshu, Douyin, and Station B, the reading volume of many AI painting content ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. “At present, most AI painting platforms in China can be registered for free experience, so my friends and I have tried it for the first time.” Wen Yuehua, an employee of a company, said that most of the works produced by AI are very beautiful. .

You can “draw” 7 works in the fastest 2 minutes

One-click generation on web pages and applets

Yesterday, the reporter tried to use the web version of a domestic platform to generate AI paintings. In the description box, the reporter entered “Space Opera House in a Soviet-style garden”, and chose 7 preferred styles of painting, including Chinese style, oil painting, and science fiction. After waiting for 2 minutes, 7 paintings of different styles were generated. Yes, the picture basically includes three elements: space, garden, and opera house.

In order to verify whether the paintings generated by AI are random and whether the richness of the input text affects the presentation of the pictures, the reporter entered the keyword “space opera house in the Soviet-style garden” many times, and found that the pictures generated each time were different, such as space, The basic elements of gardens and opera houses are all there, but when the number of inputs exceeds 20, some similar compositions and screen contents begin to appear. In terms of the richness of the text content, we input many classic short essays by famous writers. The reporter found that AI can draw the general meaning of realistic short essays, but with more emotional descriptions, AI’s paintings will almost deviate from the topic. Some style displays cannot be generated.

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In addition, on some WeChat applets, it is also very popular to use AI to change the avatar into an anime style. On a popular AI painting applet, the reporter chooses a photo of himself and sets the desired style. In less than 2 minutes, he gets a two-dimensional avatar generated by AI. After posting the avatar on the social platform , and got 20 likes within half an hour. In the comments, some netizens discussed how to set keywords to make the avatar look better. The reporter noticed that the number of people queuing up for the mini program was once as high as 80,000. According to the user data released by the team on the official account, half a month after the mini program went live, there were more than 3 million registered users.

Lowering the threshold and bringing the fun of painting

But creativity and emotion are the core competitiveness

What is the level of AI paintings generated with one click? “On the whole, I can’t tell whether it’s drawn by humans or by AI.” “The big scenes are good, especially the sci-fi and oil painting styles, but the details can’t be seen carefully. Some of the characters’ facial features and body proportions in some works are out of balance.” “It’s a bit cold, and I can’t feel the emotion that the painting wants to express.” The reporter sent his AI-generated paintings to more than 20 citizens. Not excellent, more like a mass-produced industrial product.

Unlike most people who have a fun and interesting experience mentality, Jin Xing, an illustrator of an Internet company, is very concerned about AI painting. “It is undeniable that AI illustration has indeed brought a certain sense of crisis to industry workers, but this does not mean that the artificial painting industry will die.” Jin Xing said that the development of AI painting has lowered the threshold of artistic painting, allowing more People can experience the joy of painting creation. In his view, the current AI painting is just a kind of soulless industrialized work. There is little thought connotation to be expressed in the picture it draws. What it has is only the imitation of painting style and gorgeous and superb intelligent painting skills, “such as From “Sunflower”, you can feel the spirit of rebellion against fate, but from AI’s paintings, it is difficult to have this kind of experience.”

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“I think AI painting provides a space for many zero-based enthusiasts to develop their creativity. They can submit their thoughts on art in the form of keywords to AI for processing, and they can add their own development on the basis of AI creation. “Jin Youbin is the art director of a game company. He said that colleagues who are not from art majors often want to go to their department to exercise. In the future, he will also recommend using AI painting as an introductory tool. “It’s like practicing calligraphy. It’s something to learn, but you can’t rely on tools all the time, and only by forming your own style can you master the core competitiveness.”

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