Home World From Donald Trump to the no-vax deputy Sara Cunial: who are the protagonists of Italygate

From Donald Trump to the no-vax deputy Sara Cunial: who are the protagonists of Italygate

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Who asked what to whom and with what endorsement? The story that developed starting fromItalygate – the alleged anti-Trump intrigue hatched by Italy, as hypothesized in the conspiracy magma of QAnon – she landed in Italy and became a political fact, involving at least one parliamentarian – Sara cunial, former M5s MP known for her No-Vax battles – and casting lights and shadows on the reports of the White House leaders of Donald Trump with our country.

To better orient ourselves in this complicated story, we have built a diagram of the relationships between the protagonists. To navigate the interactive you can touch the individual protagonists (or hover over them) and even reorder them, to focus on the Italian or American protagonists. Or by clicking on the colors in the legend, highlight one or the other part of the story.

Italygate: the protagonists and their actions

  • Carlo Goria: he is the one who writes to Meadows to inform him of Italygate
  • Maria Strollo Zack: on input of Michelle Ballerin, sneaks into Trump’s Florida residence to let him know directly about Italygate
  • Ezra Cohen: urged by Patel to investigate Italygate, he refuses
  • Mark Meadows: Trump’s Chief of Staff, call Chris Miller for more information on Italygate
  • Kash Patel: Along with Chris Miller, he calls General Barrier to ask him to investigate. Unlike Cohen, he accepts
  • Scott Berrier: it seems he is investigating Italygate and perhaps bridging with Italy and the US embassy in Rome
  • John Doe # 1 e #2: the two military attaches to the US embassy move, activated by those who are not clear, to go and interrogate the hacker D’Elia in prison in Salerno
  • Sara cunial: it is not clear who involves the deputy, but it is she who goes to the Salerno prison and allows the two military attachés to enter and try to question D’Elia
  • Arturo D’Elia: according to what he himself tells Repubblica, he refused to speak to the two Americans.
  • Nino Moriggia: accompanies Cunial and the two Americans in prison, and tries to question D’Elia.
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What do we know about Italygate, from Trump to the IT super-pirate D’Elia

by Conchita Sannino

Italygate, yellow on ghost Americans. Cartabia: “Understanding what happened in prison”

by Paolo Mastrolilli, Conchita Sannino

Italygate, the ministry opens the investigation on the Americans in the Salerno prison

by our correspondent Conchita Sannino


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