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Genoa-Udinese / Challenge between bombers: Lucca vs Retegui

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Genoa-Udinese / Challenge between bombers: Lucca vs Retegui

Genoa is getting very close to the next championship match. The team can’t wait to have their say together with their bomber

Genoa-Udinese is also the challenge between Italian bombers. On one side there is Retegui, while on the other it is Lorenzo Lucca’s moment. A truly important match between two top-level teams, therefore we can’t help but look at the numbers of these two attackers in detail.

The numbers speak clearly

We have been since the beginning of the year six to five in favor of the Juventus playeror. At the moment Lorenzo Luccahe scored more, but it must also be said that he was on the pitch much more than the former Boca Juniors and Tigre player. We’ll see if the moment of equalization or the extension comes on Saturday evening.

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