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Giovanni Baglioni, who is Claudio Baglioni’s son?

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Giovanni Baglioni, who is Claudio Baglioni’s son?

Do you know that the Roman singer-songwriter Claudio Baglioni has a son? His name is Giovanni Baglioni, protagonist of a famous song by his father!

VIP biography

Giovanni Baglioni, son of Claudio Baglioni, also works in the music world. Let’s find out everything about the son of one of Italy’s most beloved singer-songwriters below!

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With an important surname in the world of Italian music, Giovanni Baglioni he followed in his father’s footsteps Claudio Baglioni. The young man is not a singer-songwriter, but one of the most appreciated musicians. Are you sure you know everything about the Roman artist’s son? Below we discover curiosities about his life, both private and professional!


Giovanni Baglioni is 42 years old: he was born in Rome on 19 May 1982, under the zodiac sign of Taurus.


Extremely reserved regarding his private life, we know practically nothing about Giovanni Baglioni regarding his love life. For this reason we are not able to know whether Claudio Baglioni’s son has a girlfriend or not.


Giovanni Baglioni has no children.


As we said, Giovanni Baglioni is the son of the Roman singer-songwriter Claudio Baglioni and his ex-wife, Paola Massari. Her parents met in 1973, separated in 1994, and divorced in 2008.


During an interview with The messengerGiovanni confessed that he had suffered from panic attacks. Here are his words: “I was afraid I wouldn’t live up to expectations. Years ago I was in Veneto, on stage in front of 200 people. I start playing and suddenly a panic attack. A shock that is difficult to overcome. Maybe it was a crisis along the way.”

Work by Giovanni Baglioni

Son of art, Giovanni Baglioni followed in his father’s footsteps regarding music, even though he did not sing. Baglioni Junior is a guitar virtuoso. She began performing live as guitarist in 2006. Three years later, in 2009, he released Anima Meccanica, his first album. In the same year she played on the album If by Mario Biondi, even accompanying him on tour. The music on the guitar is also his Q.P.G.A., collection of his father Claudio Baglioni. Among his many collaborations with important musicians, including at an international level, we remember those with Nicola Piovani, Santi Scarcella, Simone Cristicchi, Stefano Di Battista and Flavio Sala.

In 2010, Giovanni made his first national tour as a soloist. On March 24, 2023, Claudio Baglioni’s son launched his second album, I wish it was enoughreleased on vinyl and CD, received positively by critics and the public.

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Curiosities about Claudio Baglioni’s son

Three curiosities about Giovanni Baglioni? Let’s read it below!

  • At his birth, his father Claudio Baglioni dedicated the song to him You will havewhich has become one of the best known and loved songs by the Roman singer-songwriter.
  • When he was very young, when he played the guitar, he called himself Giovanni Marini.
  • From his Instagram page, we discover that he loves dogs!


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