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Good preparation for the BCN Tour

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Good preparation for the BCN Tour

The time to properly lace up your sneakers has come. The start of the first stage of BCN Tour 2024 is given this Wednesday evening at 7:15 p.m. near Marin Center. The route for this edition is not identical to that of last year, since the peloton will set off on an almost flat 9.9 kilometer loop, which will take place partly on Bernese soil.

Compared to last year, the temperature is also cooler. It should not exceed ten degrees. For running, it’s not at all annoying, but you shouldn’t neglect the warm-up, as Jean-Léon Bart, physical trainer, explains.

To better understand, we can compare the body to the mechanics of a car. “We change gears one by one, we decelerate with the engine braking, we make sure that the parts are well oiled and that there is enough fuel to cover the kilometers we need,” adds Jean-Léon Bart . Note that rest is also important before and after this type of effort, in order to avoid harmful consequences.

At the level of inscriptions, the organizers can rejoice, the milestone of 5,000 participants could already be crossed this Wednesday evening. A figure significantly higher than last year, at the same time. /mne-fba

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