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Gubbio breaking latest news lineups live news scoreboard result

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Gubbio breaking latest news lineups live news scoreboard result

breaking latest news on the pitch in Gubbio this evening for the 25th day of the championship. Match live, free-to-air and exclusively on Rete8 starting at 7.45pm with extensive pre-match. Kick-off at 8.45pm.

Zeman without Accornero and Vergani in attack. Franchini and Sasanelli return after the disqualification, but start from the bench. Capone confirms his attack in attack. Cangiano comes off the bench after suffering from the flu. Meazzi starts, but in midfield. On the right is Pierno. De Marco in midfield. Challenge between two doyens of Italian football: the Umbrian coach, Braglia, 69 years old, challenges the Bohemian, who will turn 77 in the next few months.

Ready for the web commentary of the match.

Game started.

13′ pt Milani’s poisonous right foot, Greco manages to save.

27′ pt penalty for Gubbio: Plizzari touches Spina in the area and Caldera warns the goalkeeper and points to the spot. From the diskette Desogus, the former.

28′ p.t. PENALTY SAVED! Plizzari hypnotizes Desogus from the spot, dives to his right and saves breaking latest news.

39′ p.t. GUBBIO GOAL! Corsinelli unlocks the game, a diagonal pass from the Gubbio right back is unstoppable for Plizzari. Meazzi’s unfortunate deviation was decisive, favoring the inclusion of Corsinelli.

End of the first half.

The second half has started.

7′ s.t. GUBBIO GOAL! Corsinelli launches Desogus, who first touches the ball and goes over Plizzari on the way out.

17′ s.t. GUBBIO GOAL! Desogus catches Udoh who enters the area, burns Pierno and strikes Plizzari to make it 3-0 for the Umbrians. Udoh repeats himself after also scoring in the first leg.

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23′ s.t. GUBBIO GOAL! Poker is born from a corner: Tozzuolo jumps higher than anyone in the area, Plizzari only manages to touch the ball but not avoid the goal.

Game over.

GUBBIO – breaking latest news 4-0

GUBBIO (4-3-1-2) Greek; Corsinelli (from 31′ st Morelli), Tozzuolo, Pirrello, Mercadante; Mercati (from 27′ st Rosaia), Casolari (from 31′ st Dimarco), Bumbu; Desogus (from 31′ st Brambilla); Spina (from 27′ st Chierico), Udoh. Available Vettorel, Calabrese, Signorini, Gnazale, Guerrini. All. Braglia.

breaking latest news (4-3-3) Plizzari; Pierno, Brosco, Di Pasquale (from 16th st Mesik), Milani (from 1st st Moruzzi); De Marco (from 24′ st Tunjov), Dagasso, Meazzi; Merola (from 24th st Sasanelli), Cuppone, Capone (from 1st st Cangiano). Available Gasparini, Floriani, Pellacani, Staver, Aloi, Squizzato, Franchini, Masala. All. Zeman.

REFEREE: Como Caldera.

RARELY: 39′ pt Corsinelli (G); 7′ st Desogus (G), 17′ st Udoh (G), 23′ st Tozzuolo (G).

NOTE: warnings Brosco (P), Plizzari (P), Mercadante (G), Mesik (P), Tunjov (P), Pirrello (G); corners 4-9; recovery 2′ pt, 4′ st

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