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Hungary’s president resigns after child abuse pardon scandal

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Hungary’s president resigns after child abuse pardon scandal

Hungarian President Katalin Novák Resigns After Granting Pardon to Child Abuser

After facing intense pressure and public outrage, Hungarian President Katalin Novák has announced her resignation following the granting of a presidential pardon to a prisoner convicted of covering up several pedophile incidents at a Hungarian school.

The announcement was made on the national news channel ‘Hungarian M1’, with Novák stating that she is stepping down from her position as president of the country. The decision comes after thousands of citizens demonstrated against the pardon, leading to widespread condemnation and calls for her resignation.

Novák, who had cut short a trip to the Middle East to address the controversy, acknowledged that she had made a mistake and that her resignation was necessary for the well-being of the country. She expressed gratitude to her family and supporters, recognizing the challenges of politics and ending with a message of God bless Hungary.

The incident has prompted government action, with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stating his intention to propose a law to exclude convicts linked to child abuse cases from receiving pardons in the future. The resignation of President Novák comes as a significant development in the aftermath of the scandal.

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