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Jaafar Jackson plays his uncle in the biopic ‘Michael’ and the resemblance is impressive

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Jaafar Jackson plays his uncle in the biopic ‘Michael’ and the resemblance is impressive

Long curly hair tied back, V-neck top, light shirt and microphone in hand… Jaafar Jackson is transformed. In comments, Internet users wonder if it is indeed Michael Jackson’s nephew, and not the singer himself.

An image captured by Kevin Mazur, the photographer who worked with the star who died in 2009 during his last tours. “He documented Michael’s final rehearsal, and he was the first to photograph Jaafar as Michael,” Lionsgate explained on Instagram.

Who is Jaafar Jackson, ready to bring his uncle back to life?

Michael Jackson’s nephew to play the King of Pop in upcoming biopic

Fans can rejoice: this time, we are sure that the Michael Jackson biopic has a major advantage to appeal to the family. If many have tried to embody the artist on the big screen, in vain (we remember Flex Alexander, in 2004), Jaafar Jackson seems to have already amazed everyone around him. Katherine Jackson, mother of the King of Pop, praised the talent of the 27-year-old: “It’s wonderful to see him carrying on the artistic legacy of the Jacksons,” she told the “Hollywood Reporter”.

“When I arrived on set, I was so excited – it was like the first time I joined Michael on tour,” photographer Kevin Mazur said in a statement. “Seeing Jaafar play made me feel like I was going back in time. His appearance, his behavior, his mannerisms everything – it’s Michael. »

Quel casting ?

Son of Jermaine Jackson, member of the Jackson 5, Jaafar is a singer and composer who is struggling to find a place in the industry (despite his name which leaves no one indifferent). With this role in the cinema, he could well become the new darling of the Jackson clan.

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Here is the Oscar-nominated actor who will have the difficult task of playing Michael Jackson’s father in the cinema

Around him, the cast of “Michael” reveals itself more and more. Colman Domingo will play the cruel patriarch Joseph Jackson opposite Nia Long, in the role of Katherine Jackson. Latest addition to the cast: Miles Teller. After “Top Gun: Maverick”, the actor tackles the biopic by playing John Branca, lawyer and manager of Michael Jackson.

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