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Jobs, Apple raises salaries to all employees

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Jobs, Apple raises salaries to all employees

The race of the big tech companies continues to grab the best talents with wage increases. And after the announcement by Microsoft, which in recent days made it known that it had doubled the global budget for wages, this time it is Apple to move in the same direction.
The Cupertino giant has a plan that affects all its corporate employees, but has also announced that the base salary for employees in the retail sector will rise, by the end of 2022, from the current $ 20 an hour to $ 22. The company then announced that the base salary expected in some stores will also be increased.

Lack of talent and skyrocketing inflation

Pushing Apple in this direction is the multiplicity of factors that are heavily influencing the global economy: from the lack of manpower to inflation, which in the United States has been at its highest levels for 40 years now.

Inflation, with the consequent rise in the cost of living, is giving rise to growing union pressures.

“Supporting and retaining the best employees in the world allows us to provide the best and most innovative products and services for our customers,” said an Apple spokesperson in a statement.

“This year, as part of our annual performance review process, we are increasing our overall pay budget.”

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