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JPMorgan Chase report: Beta variant is the most dangerous vaccine between China and the West | Technology environment | DW

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(Deutsche Welle Chinese website) Among the current variants of the new coronavirus, the beta variant (South African variant) may pose the greatest danger. At present, it has not spread globally. According to the latest report from JPMorgan Chase, this strain accounts for 5% of France.

Michael Cembalest, director of market and investment strategy at JPMorgan Chase, updated the data on vaccine administration over the past four weeks. The updated report he published a few days ago pointed out that the beta variant will pose the biggest challenge.

The report pointed out that its particularity is that the current vaccines on the market have greatly reduced the protection against it.

Specifically, in the face of the Beta variant (South African variant), the effective rate of the Modena vaccine was reduced by 6 times, the BioNTech vaccine was reduced by 8 times, the AstraZeneca vaccine had a 10% effective rate, and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine had a protection rate of 64%.

The protection rate of the above several vaccines against the Alpha variant (the British variant) is relatively only slightly reduced, Modena is reduced by 50%, BioNTech is reduced to a small extent, and AstraZeneca still has a protection rate of 75%.

Variations of the new coronavirus spread to different countries in different countries

As of June 10, when the report was published, the new crown virus circulating in Germany was still Alpha (a British variant). Other European countries such as Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and other European countries are similar to the situation in Germany. The alpha variant virus is the most important infectious virus in the European continent.

But the British Isles is an exception, where the most popular variant is Delta (Indian variant), which accounts for 72%.

The most important new coronavirus strain in the United States is Alpha (69%), followed by Gamma (Brazil, 9.5%), and then (Delta 5.3%)

Countries with the highest proportion of vaccinated people in the world

Regardless of the type of vaccine, the countries with the highest population density in the world are Malta (76%), Seychelles (71%), Bermuda (66%), Canada (64%), Israel (63%), and the United Kingdom (60%) ), Bahrain (60%), Chile (60%), Uruguay (60%), China (59%), Iceland (58%), Maldives (58%), Hungary (55%), Qatar (55%)

Mexican women vaccinated

There is a big difference between Chinese and Western vaccines

The chart in the JPMorgan Chase report shows that after vaccination in the following countries, the incidence of 100,000 people in 7 days has dropped to a very low level in the past 4 weeks: Malta (6), Canada (40), Israel (2), Hungary (19) ;

However, although Seychelles (1207), Bahrain (781), Chile (376), Uruguay (1055), and Maldives (799) are widely vaccinated, the incidence rate is still high.

The chart also shows that Seychelles, Uruguay, Maldives, Bahrain, and Chile are vaccinated with the inactivated vaccines of China National Medicines. It can be seen from the curve that after 50% of the adult vaccinations in Maldives, Bahrain and Seychelles, the morbidity rate of 100,000 people still increased sharply in 7 days. The mortality rate is 5.7 in Seychelles, 16.6 in Uruguay, 4.8 in Maldives, and 11.6 in Bahrain. , Chile 5.5.

For comparison, another chart shows the situation of European and American countries vaccinated with Modena, BioNTech, and AstraZeneca: the curve trend is obvious. After the vaccinated population exceeds 25%, the incidence rate of 100,000 population decreases all the way in 7 days. In double digits (only France rebounded slightly), the mortality rate dropped to about 1.

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