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KAPPALAB: in bookstores in March – Lupine The Mystery of Cagliostro – Korean fairy tales and legends – Penguin Highway – The boy and the heron

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KAPPALAB: in bookstores in March – Lupine The Mystery of Cagliostro – Korean fairy tales and legends – Penguin Highway – The boy and the heron

Anne-Claire Duval


14.5×21, 160 pages, ISBN 9788885457638

• Korea is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, a place where magic seems to merge with culture, since its mythological origins, when a god called Hwanung came to our planet and transformed a bear into a woman, married her and fathered with her a son, Tangun, who founded the first Korean capital, naming it Joseon, the Land of Morning Quiet.

• Korea constitutes an extraordinary reservoir of folklore stories and oral tradition, characterized by emblematic heroes and myths that precede Buddhist, Confucian and Taoist beliefs, being rooted in popular religion and shamanism.

• Korean fairy tales and legends have conveyed virtues such as wisdom, dedication, courage and kindness for centuries. Their protagonists overcome adversity and triumph over injustices thanks to inner strength and perseverance, always full of humility, diligence and filial piety. From the creation of the world to the birth of the stars, through stories of brothers and sisters with intertwined destinies and fantastic creatures that populate the mountains, these stories open a window on the culture and history of Korea, revealing the depth of human emotions and relationships.

• Finally reunited together the stories that inspired countless manhwa, television dramas and even some of the most famous K-pop music groups.

• THE AUTHOR: Anne-Claire Duval is the author of “Au coeur de la K-culture” (2022) and “Tout pour préparer son voyage en Corée” (2023), both published by Larousse editions. On her blog she shares her discoveries about Korean food, fashion and culture.

Enjoy the reading!

Maurice Leblanc


14.5×21 cm, 204 pages, ISBN 9788885457492

Incorrigible, elusive, incomparable Lupine: the novel that inspired LUPINE III – THE CASTLE OF CAGLIOSTRO, the first animated film directed by Oscar winner HAYAO MIYAZAKI.

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• Everyone knows his name is Lupine, master of disguise and adventurer. Intelligent, cunning, generous, always able to anticipate the moves of his rivals, be they criminals or the police.

But who knows what he looks like, who knows who the mysterious gentleman thief really is? How did he learn the multiple and prodigious talents that would characterize the course of his undertakings? Who were you before you gained international fame?

• THE YOUNG LUPINE here boldly faces his FIRST GREAT CHALLENGE, and is confronted with the intricate ENIGMA OF THE COUNT OF CAGLIOSTRO, between mysterious candelabras, mythical treasures of the Templars and the secret of eternal youth, torn between the overwhelming infatuation for a CHARMING ADVENTURE THIEF and love for the sweet, romantic CLARISSE.

• Lupine was born in 1905, when the publisher Pierre Lafitte published the first Lupine story written by Maurice Leblanc in the magazine “Je sais tout”, achieving immediate success. The author thus continued to write for the rest of his life about the elusive gentleman thief, for the considerable amount of seventeen novels, thirty-nine short stories and five theatrical comedies. His famous

Tomishiko Morimi



14.5×21, 256 pages, ISBN 9788885457218

From the author of “Tatami Galaxy”, the novel winner of the 31st Nihon SF Novel Taisho Award is back in bookstores, on which the animated film PENGUIN HIGHWAY directed by Hiroyasu “The House in the Waves” Ishida is based!

• Aoyama is only in fourth grade, but he knows so many things that he has nothing to envy of an adult. How does he do it? He always takes a lot of detailed notes and reads a lot of books. One day, on the outskirts of his city, penguins suddenly and inexplicably begin to appear, which then disappear without leaving any trace. But the little researcher, thanks to his dedication, discovers that the strange story is connected to a surprising secret ability of the girl who works at the city dental clinic, and so decides to discover more details by investigating the mystery…

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In this fantastic and award-winning children’s novel, a boundless world seen in its everyday life through the eyes of a child.

• The author: Tomihiko Morimi (1979, Nara), graduated from Kyoto University and made his debut as a writer in 2003 with the novel “Taiyo no To” with which he won the Nihon Fantasy Novel Taisho, an award given to the best fantasy novel of the Japan. In 2007 he won the Yamamoto Shugoro Prize with “Yoru wa Mijikashi Aruke yo Otome” and, with the same novel, came in second place at the Honya Taisho, a prize awarded by Japanese bookshops. In 2010, thanks to “Penguin Highway” he won the Nihon SF Taisho, prize for the best SF novel in Japan. His other works include “Kitsune no Hanashi,” “Shinshaku Hashire Merosu Hokayonhen,” “Uchoten Kazoku,” “Koibumi no Gijutsu,” “Yoiyama Mangekyo,” “Yojohan Okoku Kenbunroku,” and “Yojohan Shinwa Taikei.” His collaboration with director Masaaki Yuasa (“Devilman Crybaby”) gave rise to several animated works, also seen in Italy, including the visionary “The Tatami Galaxy”.

Genzaburo Yoshino

AND HOW WILL YOU LIVE? (The boy and the heron)

(third printing)

€15.00, 15×21 cm, 256 pages

ISBN 9788885457232

The original novel that inspired The Boy and the Heron, Oscar winner Hayao Miyazaki’s latest animated film for Studio Ghibli.

• Junichi Honda is a fatherless seventh grade student. Nicknamed “Coper” – after being compared to Nicolaus Copernicus for his ability to look around him without considering himself the center of the universe -, the boy learns to think with his own head thanks to his uncle’s advice. Together with his friends Mizutani (his classmate since elementary school), Kitami (with a heart of gold, but with an impetuous character) and Urakawa (derided by his classmates for his modest social background) he decides to stand up to the school bullies. But maintaining the commitment can prove more difficult than expected, when courage is lacking…

• In its FIRST ABSOLUTE TRANSLATION into Italian, and in FULL VERSION, a great classic of children’s fiction that inspired Oscar winner Hayao Miyazaki in the creation of the new film for Studio Ghibli.

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• The author: GENZABURO YOSHINO (Tokyo, 9 April 1899 – 23 May 1981) was an editor, writer of children’s literature, translator, journalist, critic and supporter of the anti-war movement and journalist. A progressive intellectual, he is one of the most representative figures of the Showa period. He held the role of first editor-in-chief of the magazine “Sekai” and contributed to the foundation of Iwanami Shonen Bunko, a series of children’s literature published by the historic Iwanami Shoten publishing house. He also held important positions as a professor at Meiji University, was CEO of Iwanami Shoten, first president of the Japan Journalism Congress and organizer of the Okinawa Documentation Center.

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