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KOELLIKER Reached an agreement with Regis Motors for the distribution of the Epic0 – Companies

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KOELLIKER Reached an agreement with Regis Motors for the distribution of the Epic0 – Companies

The Koelliker Group announces the new agreement with Regis Motors, the Italian company of the Regitec Group which has been manufacturing and designing electric vehicles for professional use and Powertrain systems since the 1960s. Thanks to this commercial partnership, Koelliker will distribute the Epic0, the totally electric vehicle made in Italy dedicated to the transport of goods, exclusively on the Italian, Austrian, Greek and Balkan markets.

Epic0 – acronym for Electric, SMALL and 0 emissions – is conceived and designed with automotive standards: characterized by a steel body and compact dimensions, with a length of 3.7 meters, a width of 1.5 meters, a height of 1 7 meters and a higher load capacity of 790 kg.

It also complies with all the basic standards of cars and is a pleasant travel companion for urban and extra-urban use with a maximum speed of 90 km/h. The vehicle belongs to the L7eCU four-vehicle category, and therefore can benefit from the incentives provided for this type of vehicle, which reach up to €4,000.

The Epic0 range is distributed by Koelliker with two battery sizes, 14 kWh and 21 kWh, which make it versatile both in terms of use and autonomy: the 14 kWh battery, with recharge times of around 4 hours, guarantees range up to 135 km; the 21 kWh one, with recharge times of around 3 hours – thanks to the 6.6 kW on board charge – guarantees up to 180 km.

The vehicle can be recharged at the electric charging columns or via a schuko socket or wallbox. Finished with care, it presents a rich standard equipment with air conditioning, high power heating, 4 disc brakes, electric windows and mirrors, door remote control and rear view camera to facilitate maneuvers as well as a complete new generation infotainment system (ioS and Android ) interfaceable for fleet monitoring purposes.

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Regis vehicles also boast safety standards that make them in line with superior categories thanks to the chassis, body and external body entirely in pressed sheet metal. What characterizes the Regis product range is the very high level of customization of the vehicle on the specific needs of the professional customer and beyond, thanks to the fact that all the control logics and components have been completely conceived, designed and developed in Italy by Regis Motors.

An example above all is the extendable body, which allows to obtain a loading surface 540 mm longer, conceived and designed by Regis precisely to meet the needs of extreme versatility of use, and which Koelliker has decided to offer as standard on all pick-up and electro-actuated tipping pick-up variants.

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