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Monica Lewinsky fronter kampanje for Reformation

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Monica Lewinsky fronter kampanje for Reformation

Most people are probably familiar with the “Lewinsky scandal”. Or “Monicagate”, as it has also been called. Because it is not the first time that Monica Lewinsky (50) has made headlines in the international press.

Today, she is an activist and, in particular, has distinguished herself in recent years as a keen campaigner against bullying on social media. But, it was for something completely different that she really ended up in the media’s spotlight in the mid-90s.

Then she had a sexual relationship with then-President Bill Clinton. This was going on while she was working in the White House.

Well, now another “Monicagate” is on the way, fortunately in a slightly different and probably less scandalous setting. Lewinsky is the face of Reformation’s new collection, “You’ve Got the Power”, writes BBC. Of course, carefully planned for the presidential election in 2024.

The purpose is to get women to use the right to vote in the presidential election, writes CNN.

Min Mote has also mentioned the matter.

– In a world of viral moments, this is another one, says the fashion manager, Ida Elise Eide Einarsdottir in KK, about the collection lip.

– The battle for attention is intensifying

The fashion giant’s new collection consists of blazers and knitwear. On their online store, Reformation writes that together with Monica Lewinsky, they want to inspire all women to understand how much power they have, and that American citizens must vote in the next presidential election.

Furthermore, the fashion giant pays tribute to Lewinsky with nice words.

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“Monica has been inspiring women to use their voices and feel empowered for a long time. So now it feels only natural that she wants to help us do the same. And while nice clothes can’t solve all problems, putting them on and going to the polls is a pretty good place to start.”

– Must shout louder

– The battle for attention is intensifying, and the brands and fashion houses have to shout ever louder in order to be noticed at all. But when it works, it does so to the degree. Having said that, this is obviously also a political torch, Einarsdottir continues.

She describes the campaign as a kind of middle finger to Trump:

– Just look at the slogan. And the colors. Pretty fun, actually. Fashion history, hardly. But funny, cheeky and most likely also quite smart, she concludes.

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