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More than 100 Iranian drones shot down | Info

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More than 100 Iranian drones shot down |  Info

The US, Great Britain and Israel have intercepted more than 100 Iranian drones, the Times of Israel reports, citing officials in charge of national defense.

Source: Iranian Army Office / Zuma Press / Profimedia

CNN reported earlier that US air defense systems were able to intercept Iranian drones.

Israeli sources told the “New York Times” that drones were also launched from the territory of Iraq in the direction of Israel and that the expected targets were the Golan Heights and a military base in the Negev.

The Israeli army recommended that residents of Dimona, where the nuclear reactor is located, stay close to shelters.

The Iranian mission to the UN said that this is a conflict between Tehran and Tel Aviv, and that the US should stay away.

The representative of Iran at the UN threatened that “if the Zionists make another mistake, Iran’s response will be harsher”, reports RT Balkan.

The mission stated in a statement that Tehran’s attack on Israel was a response to the aggression against Iranian diplomatic facilities in Damascus and that it is in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter, which refers to legitimate defense.

The Mission added that “the matter can be considered finished”.

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The West condemned the attack

France, Great Britain and the EU condemned the Iranian drone attack on Israel and expressed solidarity with the Israeli authorities.

French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourn stated that Iran’s attack is unprecedented and destabilizing, and that France confirms its solidarity and commitment to Israel’s security.

Iran has previously sent a large number of drones towards Israel, in response to the recent Israeli military attack on the Iranian Consulate General in Syria.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and EU High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security Josep Borelj also condemned the attack.

US President Joseph Biden met tonight with his national security team to assess Iran’s attack on Israel, CNN reports citing a US official.

According to him, the meeting in the White House is ongoing.

The White House previously announced that Biden will meet with officials of the US National Security Council.

Biden cut short his weekend trip to Delaware to discuss events in the Middle East, the Jerusalem Post reports.

The US president said on Friday that he expects an Iranian attack on Israel “sooner rather than later”.


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