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MULTITRAX The new Burgers double deck semi-trailer presented with LC3 Trasporti – Companies

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MULTITRAX The new Burgers double deck semi-trailer presented with LC3 Trasporti – Companies

Multitrax has officially presented the Burgers double deck semi-trailer, of which the Cremonese company is the exclusive importer in Italy.

The Dutch company’s model is being tested by LC3 Trasporti, leader in the green logistics sector and pioneer of sustainable transport, creating strong interest in the most important logistics and large-scale retail players, attracted by the innovative technological solutions and extraordinary sustainability performance of the vehicle.

Already successfully used by international operators, the Burgers semi-trailer has proven to be an extremely effective transport solution for different needs. Thanks to the double floor, with each level 1.82 meters high, and the possibility of loading up to 55 Euro pallets (or 84 rollers) also taking advantage of the space in front of the wheel arches with pneumatic roller conveyors, the loading volume is 60% higher than that of a standard semi-trailer.

The Burgers transports in two trips what a traditional semi-trailer transports in three. This determines a reduction in the cost per kilometre, greater profitability, but also a reduction in vehicular traffic, wear of tires which release particulates into the air and fuel use.

The Burgers double deck is a jewel of technology and innovation aimed at reducing the impact on the environment. The double-deck solution allows harmful CO2 emissions to be reduced by 40%. The optimized aerodynamics, thanks to the V-Spoilers system which regulates the air flow, translates into a further C02 saving calculated between 5% and 7%.

The “full optional” version available for rental is equipped with an IM Efficiency solar panel on the roof which allows the tail lift to operate without powering the tractor. Loading and unloading operations are thus “greener” and less noisy, especially in urban contexts.

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Regarding operation in the city, the design and limited ground clearance increase cyclist safety without resorting to cycle guards and reduce driver stress. The ride height, as well as the tail lift positions, can finally be adjusted from the cab.

The Burgers range includes models with two fixed or steering axles, three fixed or steering axles, vehicles for isothermal transport and racing vehicles.

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