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News Udinese – Bruseschi continues to be an infirmary / The point

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News Udinese – Bruseschi continues to be an infirmary / The point

The Juventus training ground continues to be a large infirmary. The situation ahead of the last match is worrying

Days go by, but since Bruseschi sports centre there’s still no good news. Udinese is working with what they have in view of the next championship match but today a real miracle would be needed. Out players cannot be counted on the fingers of two hands and a solution must be found for the last match left on the calendar. As of today if we exclude the Primavera, Udinese would have only eleven players available. A small number that is mainly dictated by a gigantic bad luck especially in 2023. Let’s not waste any more time and let’s see the latest on the next championship match.

The Juventus team is experiencing a truly incredible situation, but above all a difficult one for the coach who manages all the players. Andrea Sottil will have to perform a real miracle because the latest ones coming from the sports center are not positive at all. First of all it will be difficult to recover even and only Adam Masina given that arrived on Wednesday morning he has not yet performed a workout with his teammates. Not only him, but also Rodrigo Becao at the moment he seems to be living in a very complex situation. The Brazilian shouldn’t have any physical problems, but problems with the club continue to keep him off the pitch.

The possible solutions

To date only a third of the defense is certain. We are talking about nehuen perez, the Argentine continues to work with his teammates and is also the last defender available to the former Ascoli coach. We really need to invent a defense from scratch and above all hope that the black and whites keep the engine revs low, given that all the players will practically be forced to play for ninety minutes. Quickly changing the subject, don’t miss all the latest news from the market. The director of the technical area Marino made the point of entry and exit. Here are the statements on Tucu Pereyra <<

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