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Norwegian world champion confirms positive doping test

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Norwegian world champion confirms positive doping test

World champion in mountain running from 2023, Stian Angermund (37), tells NRK that he has taken a positive doping test.

Published: 10/02/2024 09:14

The 37-year-old from Bergen says that the banned substance that the French anti-doping authorities found in a urine sample from 31 August has been a well-kept secret until now.

He tells NRK what the letter said:

– It was further stated that I am suspended from everything. I am not allowed to run competitions. I am not allowed to be near a sporting event. I can’t run exercise guidance, which I do alongside running. I can get a fine of up to 45,000 euros. My life fell completely to pieces, he tells channels.

Angermund has not yet been sentenced in the case.

It was the substance chlorthalidone that was found in the urine sample. The B sample was also positive. Angermund tells NRK that he fears someone may have deliberately tricked him with the drug.

On Instagram Angermund has also announced the news.

“I am a pure performer”, he reports and writes a little later:

“I urge everyone to exercise caution and kindness, regardless of whether you believe me or not.”

He himself states that it is a diuretic, which is on the prohibited list because it can hide other substances. This is confirmed by Astrid Gjelstad in Antidoping Norway to NRK.

– It is on the doping list because it can be used to hide other doping abuse, because when you increase urine production, it can also dilute the concentration of illegal substances, she says.

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