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Police brutally beat a Cuban on the road in Havana

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Police brutally beat a Cuban on the road in Havana

Cuban Police Caught on Camera Brutally Beating Motorcycle Driver

Shocking video footage has emerged of Cuban police officers viciously assaulting the driver of a motorcycle on a highway in Havana. The incident, which occurred on the road from San Antonio de los Baños to Havana, has sparked outrage and condemnation on social media.

The video, captured by a witness, shows a police patrol intentionally running over the motorcycle, causing the driver and his passenger to fall to the side of the road. The officers then proceed to physically assault the helpless driver, as his disoriented passenger looks on in disbelief.

The reasons behind the violent altercation remain unclear, but the disturbing footage serves as a reminder of the escalating repression and police violence in Cuba. Many have taken to social media to denounce the incident and express their concerns about the deteriorating situation in the country.

The user Mario Felix Leonard, who shared the video on social network X, commented, “With this level of police brutality, the royal government begins in Cuba in 2024.”

The Cuban government has consistently denied allegations of repression and police violence, dismissing them as mere attempts to discredit its management. However, incidents like this one only serve to fuel the growing public outcry against the authorities.

The brutal conduct exhibited by the police in this incident has raised serious questions about the state of law enforcement in Cuba and the safety of its citizens. As the video continues to circulate on social media, calls for accountability and justice for the victims are gaining momentum.

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