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Pop star Mary Roos speaks openly about her mini-pension

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Pop star Mary Roos speaks openly about her mini-pension
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    Mary Roos was on stage for 65 years – now she is officially retired. But the pop singer’s pension is shockingly small.

    Hamburg – Mary Roos ended her musical career in 2019, and the pop singer is now officially retiring just in time for her 76th birthday on Tuesday (January 9th). But despite a successful career spanning decades, Mary Roos only receives a mini-pension. As she now reveals, she doesn’t want to keep the measly amount herself, but instead wants to donate it to a good cause.

    Standing order set up: Pop star Mary Roos wants to donate her pension

    “I can hardly believe how quickly the time has flown,” says Mary Roos melancholically BILD-Interview. “Even after 65 years in show business, I didn’t feel like I was retired. Even though I ended my musical career in 2019,” the pop singer continues. However, if you look at the pop star’s pension notice, the last 65 years have literally not paid off.

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    Because Mary Roos’ pension is shockingly low, as she revealed last year. The pop singer is only entitled to 160 euros. Nevertheless, she doesn’t even want to claim her mini-pension for herself, but instead wants to donate it. “I decided to donate half of the sum each to the organization ‘Doctors Without Borders’ and to the Lower Saxony Neumann animal shelter in Drochtersen,” said the pop singer. She has even set up standing orders for this with her bank.

    Thomas Gottschalk also receives a shockingly small pension

    Radio presenter, television star and advertising face: These are only a few stages in Thomas Gottschalk’s career, but his pension is still surprisingly low. Gottschalk revealed his pension amount to the Handelsblatt almost three years ago: 915.79 euros per month. He said: “I owe this to my permanent position at Bayerischer Rundfunk in the 1980s.” This means that Gottschalk receives an average pension of over 300 euros less than the German average.

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    Despite mini-pension: Pop star Mary Roos has no financial worries

    Nevertheless, fans don’t have to worry about the pop star. Mary Roos still wouldn’t have any financial worries. “As a self-employed person, I have saved enough money over the decades that I can live comfortably on it today. And those who have earned well can also give something away at the end,” the pop singer is convinced.

    Mini-pension despite a successful hit career: Mary Roos still has no financial worries (photomontage) © IMAGO/United Archives & IMAGO/Bildagentur Monn

    Speaking of pop stars in retirement: The folk musicians Marianne and Michael have made provisions for their pension. According to the singer, this was not always the case with artists in her circle of acquaintances. Sources used: BILD, Handelsblatt from May 14, 2020

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