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Pregnancy monitoring: choice of health professional ~ The chronicles of a young mother

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Pregnancy monitoring: choice of health professional ~ The chronicles of a young mother

Good pregnancy monitoring helps preserve your health and that of your baby. The healthcare professional is a key player in the smooth running of the pregnancy. Choosing it well is decisive for your pregnancy and childbirth. So, do you think we should list criteria to help future mothers better choose their gynecologist?

In this article, I share six criteria from my own experience. Your opinions are also welcome to better flesh out the proposals. Leave me your comments.

Good pregnancy monitoring thanks to good recommendations

I took care to ask my friends and family for some recommendations. What were their different experiences of clinics or health centers for monitoring their pregnancies? On the other hand, I recommend listening with an open and critical mind. These are by no means absolute truths.

Good support for a positive experience

Support by health personnel is a key element. You will attend this place for nine months, through various medical appointments. So, you need to look for the best experience for your baby and for you. If the experience is good, you will have good memories. Otherwise, you will rather leave with psychological after-effects of your consultations and your childbirth.

Experiences and training, a reassuring springboard

You take care to take an interest, for example, in the different dishes offered when you have to go to a restaurant. It is natural to do this in order to avoid spending your money unnecessarily.

Why not do this to choose the gynecologist who will take care of monitoring your pregnancy? Getting to know him better, particularly his professional background, is a good idea to create a climate of trust. This will make it easier for you to better prepare for your pregnancy.

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Access and availability to guarantee good monitoring

I recommend a healthcare professional who has an excellent reputation and is talented. On the other hand, it must be available and accessible. Being pregnant, I want to be reassured and to maintain a trusting and stable relationship with my gynecologist. I don’t want to always be on the alert, because I don’t know if I will be able to reach him or meet him. So, make sure your healthcare provider is easily accessible in case of emergencies or concerns.

Practice style to reinforce good communication

Some will say practice style, others work philosophy, I will call it feeling.

Do you feel confident and relaxed during your consultations? Are you able to talk to him honestly and without fear? Choose a professional whose practice style matches your preferences and values. Some professionals take a more medicalized approach, while others favor more natural approaches. What suits you best? Additionally, bring up discussion topics about pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal care. You will be able to survey him and decide whether or not to entrust him with the monitoring of the pregnancy.

Personalized approach for a better experience

Definitely, look for a gynecologist or midwife who takes a personalized approach. Their approach should take into account your specific needs, medical history and personal preferences. These details will allow them to provide better services and, in return, help you have a positive experience.

Cost of services and pregnancy monitoring

It is important that you are comfortable with your healthcare professional so that you can also discuss the cost of care. These discussions will allow you to know if you are capable of continuing the adventure with him while considering your finances. There is no point in treating yourself to care you cannot afford. If you have insurance, check that the clinic or center covers your insurance. Not anticipating expenses through a frank discussion is one of the five things to avoid for the birth of the baby and the proper monitoring of the pregnancy.

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Finally, don’t forget:

You deserve the best for the proper monitoring of your pregnancy!

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