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Putin at the “autarchic” Forum in Petersburg once again lashes out against the European Union

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Putin at the “autarchic” Forum in Petersburg once again lashes out against the European Union

“The true interests of Europeans and the business of their countries are set aside, the European Union has lost its sovereignty”: Vladimir Putin’s response to the acceleration in Ukraine’s approach to the European Union is in the long run speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. A speech – which began more than an hour late due to a hacker attack on the Forum’s computer system – in front of an audience of mainly Russian senior officials and entrepreneurs, but with some exceptions. On stage, alongside the Russian president, only the Kazakh leader Kasym-Zhomart Tokajev.

Putin immediately goes to the attack of the West: “The darkest forecasts did not come true, it is clear that the organized economic blitzkrieg against Russia did not succeed, it had no chance of success from the beginning”. And now it will do more harm to those who have imposed “crazy and senseless” sanctions, a double-edged sword that, according to the Russian president’s calculations, could cause the EU to lose more than 400 billion dollars. While Russia, “step by step, will manage to normalize the situation:” Russia does not intend to close down, we are strong people, “assures Putin. They applaud him, as well as when, at the end of the speech, he says: “And we will become even stronger.”

The “Putinian inflation”

To the Russian president, who naturally does not speak of war in Ukraine but only of a “special operation in the Donbass” that Moscow was “forced” to protect “our people … subjected to genocide”, it is particularly important to demonstrate that “Russia he has no responsibility “for the economic crisis and for inflation whose roots – he repeats – go back to before the start of the” special operation “. Which is now being used to blame Russia for errors made rather “by the so-called G-7 countries”. «We have all heard about the“ Putinian inflation ”- observes the head of the Kremlin contemptuously -. And I think: but who came up with this nonsense? Those who can neither read nor write, that’s all. “The Russian president admitted that even in his country, the increase in prices – which he cites at 16.7% – is something on which” it is necessary to work “. But with satisfaction he compares it to a 20% that he attributes “to some countries of the Eurozone … where no special operation is underway”. They did everything with their hands, says Putin, who goes on mockingly: “It would be nice if we were so powerful, to have the power to send their prices skyrocketing.”

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And in any case, the Russian president foresees an aggravation of disparities, social tensions and radicalisms for Europe. On the “special operation” Putin returns to remind once again – again amid applause – that “all the objectives set will be achieved”. The Russian president is equally optimistic – more than his own ministers – about the possibility of turning the situation in which the economy targeted by Western sanctions has found itself in a positive way. Putin does not hide the problems to be faced, financial or logistical, but as a video shown before his entry into the room states, “Russia is ready for global changes”, and proposes “new solutions to crises”.

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“Let’s say no to isolation”

It is in this direction that the Russian president intends to go, turning problems into possibilities. “We have to do a systemic work, a long-term development plan based on some key principles”. Among these, Putin cites the rejection of isolation: “Russia will develop as an open economy, will not take the path of autarchy despite sanctions and will continue to work with Western companies, to expand economic cooperation with those who want it” . A second important element, already anticipated in recent days in the debates at the Forum, is the appeal to business: to overcome the crisis, the authorities realize that they need the contribution of private entrepreneurs. We will give maximum support and freedom to private initiative, says Putin who reminds those who are losing millions and millions abroad of Russia’s “gigantic potential”: “Invest here, it’s safer in your home”.

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