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Putin, to Tucker Carlson: “A global war will put humanity on the brink of destruction”

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Putin, to Tucker Carlson: “A global war will put humanity on the brink of destruction”

Putin rules out a global war if Russia is not attacked. This was stated by the president of Russia in the controversial interview that he gave to the American journalist Tucker Carlson, former presenter of the Fox News television network and one of the communication leaders of the US extreme right. The Russian leader has expressed that he does not have any “territorial claims” in Europe, despite having already annexed several regions in Ukraine (Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk, Lugansk and Crimea).

“Territorial claims are absolutely excluded. You don’t need to be an analyst, it is contrary to common sense to be dragged into some kind of global war. And a global war will put humanity on the brink of destruction,” Putin told Carlson. “It’s obvious,” he added.

The president therefore does not want a big war, but, although he rules out the invasion of other countries such as “Poland” or “Latvia”, he does warn that he would send troops to other countries if Russia is attacked from somewhere.

War expansion? “It is an imaginary threat”

Putin has censored the message sent from the West about his alleged interest in expanding the war in Ukraine. “They talk about it and try to intimidate their population with an imaginary Russian threat. It is an obvious fact. And intelligent people understand perfectly well that this is a farce. “The Russian threat is being inflated,” he explained.

Likewise, the Kremlin leader has also ruled out the use of nuclear weapons. “It is a horror story for ordinary people,” he said, and he has once again put an “intelligent and rational” negotiation with the West on the table, because it indicates that Russia is not going to lose on the battlefield. “For some reason, everyone had the illusion that Russia could be defeated on the battlefield either by arrogance or by sincere feeling, but not by great wisdom,” he stressed.

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The biggest “strategic mistake” of the United States

On the battlefield, Vladimir Putin has indicated that there are “American mercenaries” fighting in Ukraine. In fact, according to his calculations, it is the largest group after the Poles.

However, for the Russian this is not the worst thing the United States has done, but rather he has pointed out what for him is the biggest “strategic mistake” of the US administration. “The use of the dollar as a fighting tool in foreign policy is one of its biggest strategic mistakes.”

Ineffectiveness of sanctions

“The fact that the US applies restrictive measures to certain countries, such as restricting their transactions, freezing their accounts, etc., causes great concern and sends a signal to the entire world,” he noted.

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To explain, Putin has maintained that in Russia, transactions before the start of the war were 80% in dollars and euros, but now the percentage has dropped in favor of the ruble and the yuan, which together already account for 68%. “The US believed that the sanctions would lead us to total collapse, but nothing sank. What’s more, other countries are thinking about it and accelerating their oil payments in yuan.”

For this reason, and finally, Putin predicts a possible change in world trade, which may become dominated by the countries of the BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and not by the G7 countries ( USA, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Canada). “These are the trends of global development and the world economy,” he concluded.

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