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[Qin Peng Live]Police Bombed in Tangshan BBQ Restaurant Injuring Woman | Xi Jinping | US-China Defense Ministers Meet

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[Qin Peng Live]Police Bombed in Tangshan BBQ Restaurant Injuring Woman | Xi Jinping | US-China Defense Ministers Meet

[NTDTV, Beijing time, June 11, 2022]Hello, viewers and friends, welcome to “Current Affairs Daily Chat”. Today is June 10th, Eastern Time, and June 11th, Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan time.

Today’s focus: In the case of a woman injured by a barbecue restaurant in Tangshan, the police were bombarded, and Xi Jinping should also be held responsible? The U.S. and Chinese defense ministers met for a conflict, and Wei Fenghe: “Will not hesitate to fight”? fake!

In the early morning of June 10, a group of men beat women in Tangshan City, Hebei Province. The police were bombarded by netizens and dealt slowly. Many people are calling for severe torture law, but in fact, this matter has exposed five deep-seated problems that should be solved more, and among them, Zhongnanhai and Xi Jinping are also involved.

The defense ministers of China and the United States held talks in Singapore today (10th), and the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of National Defense said that Wei Fenghe Domineering declared against Austin that he “will not hesitate to fight.” However, analysis shows that this is probably fake news created by the CCP itself.

Tangshan woman’s beating exposed 5 major problems Xi Jinping can’t escape?

Let’s first get to know the five gangsters who beat people and the injured girl.

This incident happened in a barbecue shop in Tangshan. The monitor in the shop recorded the whole process of the incident. Let’s take a look first:

At first, a man approached the table of several women next to him and touched the back of a woman in white with his hand. After the girl shook her hand and refused, the man then beat the woman. The man’s accomplices then joined the gang fight. The black-clothed girl who was walking with the white-clothed woman stepped forward to persuade them to fight, but was also beaten, and the man grabbed a chair and smashed it at the woman.

Subsequently, the woman in white was dragged outside the barbecue shop, and several men continued to punch and kick. She was lying on the ground covered in blood and the violence continued. The companion of the woman in white fled, and was chased and beaten by a man with a bottle of wine.

Such a vicious incident happened in a public place, and it quickly spread on the Internet, causing public outrage and becoming the number one topic on Weibo’s hot search list. Tens of millions of netizens criticized the perpetrators and demanded severe punishment from the authorities. There are also many people who say that if you don’t stand up and speak out today, it may be you and me tomorrow!

Thirteen hours later, at nearly 6 p.m. local time, the Lubei Branch of the Tangshan City Public Security Bureau issued a notice saying that at around 2:40 a.m. on June 10, a barbecue restaurant in the airport road police station of the branch had picked quarrels and provoked trouble. , Violent assault cases. It is also said that the Tangshan Road North police have locked the suspect and are currently making every effort to arrest them. “The police will never let off any criminals!”

Almost at the same time, the CCTV news client reported that the airport road police station responded with a police call. At the same time, the secretary of the Tangshan Municipal Law Committee said that the suspect had been locked and was being arrested.

It was rumored on the Internet that the woman in white who was beaten died. However, the staff of the local women’s federation in Tangshan told the media that the two women had already sought medical treatment and their lives were not in danger.

However, some netizens later said that the Women’s Federation was playing a game of words, and in fact the most severely beaten person had died. In this regard, we cannot confirm or falsify, and will continue to follow up and seek the truth.

While accusing violence and demanding severe punishment, the majority of netizens also criticized the police for being slow to act, saying, “Why did the police come and didn’t arrest them, and arrests are only now being started”; “.

At 11:46 p.m. on June 10, local time, the Weibo of the Lubei Branch of the Tangshan Police issued another notice saying that the two main suspects have been criminally detained according to law, and the other suspects are being fully arrested. It was also mentioned that four women were beaten, two of whom were seriously injured and were being treated in the hospital, with stable and non-life-threatening injuries, and the other two were not hospitalized for minor injuries.

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At present, the incident is still fermenting on the Internet. Most of the voices are calling for severe punishment. The CCP media “People’s Daily” also commented on its official Weibo, saying that the incident is shocking, not only challenging the law, but also social order. public security. Said that the beaten woman in the hospital bed needs justice, and the whole society needs an explanation.

However, today I don’t want to talk about things, but I want to look at the essence through appearances and talk about why this kind of thing happens in China. In particular, people are most concerned about why the police did not make arrests before? Why haven’t you acted? I think this exposes problems at the legal level, the actual implementation level, the institutional level, and even the highest level of the CCP.

1. There are problems with the actual starting point and actual implementation of the crime of picking quarrels and provoking trouble

Judging from the video and police notices, it is possible to characterize the crime of picking quarrels and provoking trouble, which is also in line with Article 293 of the CCP’s “Criminal Law”:
(1) Beating others at will, with vile circumstances;
(2) Chasing, intercepting, abusing or intimidating others, with vile circumstances;
(3) Forcibly demanding or arbitrarily destroying or occupying public or private property, where the circumstances are serious;
(4) Causing trouble in a public place, causing serious disorder in the order of the public place.

However, from the fact that the police dispatched the police quickly after receiving the customer’s report, but only started to arrest them after 13 hours, it is obvious that the police did not think that their behavior was “bad” enough to be detained, so they let go of those The gangsters had no choice but to take action until the public opinion on the Internet was surging. Why is this so?

First of all, in the actual judicial determination, the premise of severe punishment is that the victim has suffered minor injuries, that is, the relevant judicial interpretation “Interpretation on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Law in Handling Criminal Cases of Picking Quarrel and Provoking Trouble”, Article 2: (1) To more than one person injury or minor injuries to two or more persons.

Of course, many netizens saw the pictures of the scene and felt that the girl was injured so badly that she had serious injuries, more than just minor injuries?

But professionals say that there is a long-standing contradiction between the terminology of criminal law and the terminology of ordinary people. Because in the field of criminal law in China, there are only three kinds of injuries: minor injuries, minor injuries and serious injuries, just like a certain Buck’s middle cup… A minor injury in the criminal law sense is a minor injury generally recognized by the masses; a minor injury in the criminal law sense A minor injury is considered a serious injury by the masses; a serious injury in the sense of criminal law is a real serious injury.

Therefore, whether these men will be convicted of intentional injury depends on forensic identification.

The professional also said that the forensic identification of injuries is not so much a legal issue as it is a medical issue, which is why there is an urban legend that medical students slashed the victim 20 times but only slightly injured. It’s entirely possible, at least in theory…

This is purely from an operational perspective.

Secondly, we must start from the application of the CCP authorities to the crime of picking quarrels and provoking trouble. Many friends who have been exposed to human rights cases should know that the crime of picking quarrels and provoking trouble is often used by the authorities to crack down on dissidents. That is to say, the authorities really care about the stability of the regime, and they don’t pay much attention to general public security issues.

If some friends still have doubts about this, then, something like this happened today, let’s feel it: a netizen searched on Weibo with #hope all girls can grow up safely#, and the result showed: “According to the relevant Laws, regulations and policies, topic pages are not displayed.”

2. The relationship between local ruffians and local security

The second problem exposed by this incident is that the local police in China are basically colluding with local ruffians and other rogues and making use of each other. Many times, those rogues with previous convictions will become local “stability maintenance” forces, such as Dabai in epidemic prevention and control. Therefore, for their rapists and crimes, the big things are often reduced to the small and the trivial.

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So, think about it, why do these thugs dare to molest and beat these ladies in public? Is it really just wine to strengthen the bear’s guts? I’m afraid it’s even more fearless, right?

3. Officials and police report good news instead of bad news for a long time

Today, some netizens also raised some worse cases that happened in China before. For example, Twitter netizen @lidang talked about a case in which several men and women beat and gang-raped girls many years ago. Severe punishment is because the mobile phone recorded the live event at that time.

Similarly, if the incident in Tangshan hadn’t been so completely and clearly recorded by surveillance and exposed on the Internet, would the Tangshan police insist that they had investigated and dealt with it justly after they dispatched the police? It’s entirely possible.

Officials at all levels of the CCP, including the police, have long been characterized by reporting good news but not bad news, and a large number of vicious incidents have actually been suppressed. Because officials believe that the occurrence of vicious incidents will make the above officials see their incompetence and affect their promotion, so in the name of maintaining stability, they will instinctively suppress various incidents, and often solve the problem first. .

The more fundamental reason for this is that the power of officials does not come from voters, but only from higher-level officials, and only above will influence their promotion and fortune.

4. Xi Jinping cannot escape the blame. As the top leader of the CCP, what should he care about?

Netizen @End Times: “It took 13 hours to announce the suspect, Chinese joke: someone was beating someone, but no one came to the police, so he made another phone call to the police and said, ‘I’m positive and I’m dancing in a bar Is it illegal?’ The police arrived 13 minutes later with Dabai.”

This netizen is really not joking. There is such an example in a community in Beijing recently. The local government said that someone in the community was diagnosed with the virus and called in a large number of security guards and Dabai. Residents have never seen such a big battle, they are all stunned! Let’s take a look.

So, if there is a similar public security incident, just like epidemic prevention, a large number of police officers, security guards, assistant police officers, and urban management officers will appear. How dare those gangsters be so arrogant? They are fearless because they know what the police and CCP leaders really value.

There is another case here. At 17:00 on June 1, an earthquake of magnitude 6.1 occurred in Lushan County, Ya’an City, Sichuan Province, killing 4 people, injuring 41 people (one of them critically), and affecting more than 13,000 people. However, on June 2, the front page of Sichuan Daily, the official newspaper of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, did not report the earthquake at all.

At the same time, the title column on the front page of the “Sichuan Daily” clearly reads in large characters: “Severe floods in northeastern Brazil, Xi Jinping sent a message of condolences.” Netizens laughed: There was a lot of worry between the lines, and they really regarded the Brazilian people as relatives.

In the system of the CCP, whatever the leaders attach importance to, any problem can be solved quickly. If Xi Jinping really cares about the truth of the Wuhan epidemic, will there be serious concealment for a long time and Li Wenliang’s unjust death? If he really cares about the Chain Girl incident, will Xiaohuamei, Li Daitao, and Li Ying be imprisoned in a mental hospital so far?

On the contrary, the police in Feng County were recently commended by the authorities! Therefore, it is clear at a glance what Zhongnanhai really cares about.

5. Mechanisms such as the media and women’s federations are difficult to monitor

You may have noticed that this time the media played a role in the fermentation of the event. However, we have also noticed that CCTV news is very particular about the wording, such as “many people clashing”, “airport road police station responded, and there were police dispatched”. However, is this a vicious incident of beating people, or is it a conflict between the two sides? Since all the police were dispatched, why was no action taken at that time? CCTV News will definitely not ask questions, but these words just reveal that the party media is really deliberately guiding public opinion.

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In addition, the appearance of the local women’s federation is actually not very normal. The media quoted them as intervening at the first time, but why can’t the media directly contact the police? Why can’t the media directly question the police and officials like in normal countries? …

Of course, these are further exposed. The women’s federation and the media under the CCP’s rule actually have no status, and more often act as a vase, and many people even actively participate in maintaining stability.

Each of the five issues we just talked about involves the stubborn ailments of the CCP system. Therefore, this time the vicious incident in Tangshan, even under the pressure of public opinion, the criminals were severely punished, can Chinese girls really be able to eat, drink and have fun in public from now on? Please don’t forget how the authorities dealt with the Xuzhou iron chain woman incident!

Wei Fenghe is called to protect Taiwan at all costs? Fake news!

Let’s discuss the topic of the face-to-face communication between the defense ministers of China and the United States in Singapore on June 10.

This meeting is the first face-to-face meeting between the Chinese and American militaries since the Biden administration took office. The starting point for the U.S. side should be to ensure that broader U.S.-China tensions do not spill over into military misunderstandings or miscommunication. That is to add “guardrails” to competition to avoid direct military conflict.

Judging from the press release from the US side, everything is stable. Austin emphasized the importance of dialogue and discussed global and regional security issues with Wei Fenghe, including North Korea and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. On the Taiwan Strait issue, Austin reiterated that the United States adheres to the long-standing “one China policy” based on the “Taiwan Relations Act”, the “Three U.S.-China Communiqués” and the “Six Assurances”. Stressed the importance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, opposed unilateral changes to the status quo, and called on China to refrain from further destabilizing actions against Taiwan.

From the speech of Wu Qian, the spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense of the Communist Party of China, the talks were full of gunpowder. He said that Wei Fenghe said that if someone dares to split Taiwan, the Chinese army will not hesitate to fight. Let’s take a look.

Such a statement makes pro-Communist media and self-media very happy.

However, Su Ziyun, director of Taiwan’s National Defense Security Research Institute, said in an interview with Radio Free Asia: “It is difficult to confirm whether this is mentioned in the talks, because China usually adds material and excessive explanations to the information released after the talks. This is called superficiality. In this case, the Chinese media mainly rely on their internal propaganda, which often does not conform to the conventions and essence of international dialogue.”

I agree with Mr. Su Ziyun’s point of view. I also checked the reports on the website of the Ministry of National Defense of the Chinese Communist Party. Like the People’s Daily, there is no relevant content. Therefore, Wu Qian’s statement that he will not hesitate to fight is more like the CCP’s internal show of force in order to kill the Chinese people. , a drama to strengthen the rule.

Of course, we have repeatedly said that the CCP will not give up its military occupation of Taiwan, because for it, this is not only a political need, but also a link to break through the first island chain and compete with the United States for global hegemony.

Judging from the dialogue between the two sides, it is actually a briefing and diplomatic nature. Because the United States is now very clear that the military official who really commands the military and is equivalent to Austin should be the vice chairman of the CCP Military Commission. Diplomatic significance is regarded as higher than military significance.

In addition, for the United States, its attitude to protect Taiwan is now clearer: for this meeting, the United States deliberately chose to announce the latest arms sales to Taiwan on the 9th, the day before the Shangri-La Dialogue, with a total amount of 120 million US dollars; On the same day, there were also American pilots who flew F-16 fighter jets from the United States back to the Hualien military base in Taiwan.

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