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Reseña de The Cherry Boppers meet Patricia Reckless (2024)

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Reseña de The Cherry Boppers meet Patricia Reckless (2024)

This year The Cherry Boppers celebrates two decades as a group and its members have decided to join forces with an external vocalist, as they did years ago with the album with Dr Baltz and in specific songs from other albums. In reality, the mini album was published at the end of last year and consists of six new compositions that swim between the most penetrating soul, the stimulating groove and the sweatiest funk, that is, in the vibe that we were already accustomed to and that so many good moments it has given us. If we add to this the presence of the suggestive voice of Patricia Reckless (from the duo Bohemian Soul) the material reaches red hot.

“Scandal Time” tells us about the times we have lived in and carries it out through a frenetic drum rhythm to which the other instruments join in, creating an instrumental cocktail ideal for the sonic discharge of the nine musicians. “Let Me Dance” already makes it clear from the title, this is a good funk song created to shake around or simply enjoy its work, paying attention to the bass notes or the remarkable and tasty sax solo. “Attack” is also very suggestive, with its guitar wah wah and an all-out jazz-funk rhythm that captures you.

A firm step forward for both the instrumental combo and the vocalist (both from Bilbao) and another of those necessary proofs for the unbelievers, which indicates that good music, or that vibration that is felt when listening to a special song, has not disappeared. As many say, you just have to go out and look for it.

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