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Risk for the world economy? – DW Spanish

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The global maritime trade industry is facing unprecedented challenges as disruptions in key maritime routes have led to a significant impact on world trade. The Suez Canal, a vital trade route, has seen a drastic decrease in traffic by 55%, while the traffic through the Cape of Good Hope has increased.

The Suez Canal, Panama Canal, and the Black Sea have all experienced significant disruptions, signaling potential risks for the world economy. The recent crisis in the Red Sea in January 2024 has had a strong impact on deviations, rates, navigation times, and illicit activities, further complicating global maritime trade.

As a result of these disruptions, there has been an explosion in the price of maritime transport, with experts warning that this will ultimately hit consumers’ pockets within the next year. This increase in transportation costs is expected to have a direct impact on the prices of goods and services, potentially leading to higher costs for consumers.

The turnaround in global maritime trade and the potential risks it poses for the world economy have raised concerns among industry experts and economists. It remains to be seen how these challenges will be addressed and what impact they will have on the global economy in the coming months.

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