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Roberto Justus reveals his granddaughters’ new toy library and talks about Fabi

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Roberto Justus reveals his granddaughters’ new toy library and talks about Fabi

The youngest daughter of the businessman and presenter Roberto JustusVicky, is enjoying the Carnival holiday with her mother, the influencer and model Hannah Paula Siebert, on the family farm in the city of Porto Feliz, in the interior of São Paulo. The luxurious property underwent a renovation, which was completed in the last few days.

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The little three-year-old heiress got a special corner, super special! Ana Paula is still showing how the details of the renovation work on the farm turned out, but one room she made a point of sharing some details before the work was completed and it was the first room in which she showed off the result: the toy room. Vicky approved the space which has a ball pool, doll house and slide.

To wife of Roberto Justus He also prepared the playroom with personalized cabinets for the businessman’s youngest daughter and his five grandchildren. The firstborn’s children Ricardo Justus and Fran Fischer: Arthur and Stella, aged five and two. And the twins Chiara and Sienna, four years old, and baby Luigi, five months old, heirs of the influencer and businesswoman Fabiana Justus.

Vicky approved the toy library and has already run to have fun in every corner. She went down the slide and threw herself into the ball pit. The little girl also helped her mom put together the details of the room, placing the toys to decorate everything. “My best version, without flip-flops with her, living our moments! Creating a magical world for my daughter and grandchildren”, declared Ana Paula

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The model also revealed that she will take a tour of the farm to show the details of the renovation. Ana Paula also sent a message to her eldest stepdaughter, Fabiana Justus, who is undergoing health treatment and shaved her hair during the process. The influencer shared the photo published by Fabiana with her hair shaved and said: ‘When the person is beautiful! Shocked by this beauty! And admiring this strength so much! I’m making everything beautiful here for you to enjoy with all of us soon.”

Roberto Justus, in turn, posed next to her eldest daughter in the hospital. The businessman declared: “How good it is to be with her! How much strength and determination she is showing! And how beautiful is she? The love I have for you is greater than any difficulty! We are together towards your total healing, my love.”

Roberto Justus’ daughter appears in the farm’s new toy library Roberto Justus and Ana Paula Siebert declare themselves to Fabiana Justus

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