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Runar Søgaard indicted for money laundering

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Runar Søgaard indicted for money laundering

Runar Søgaard. Here in a different context. Photo: Janne Møller-Hansen / VG

In February 2023, Søgaard was released from prison. Now he has been charged again.

Tuesday 20 February at 18:41

The celebrity preacher began his sentence in 2021, after being sentenced to a year and a month in prison for tax evasion and bookkeeping violations.

Now Søgaard has been indicted again for money laundering, according to the report The evening paper.

His defender says that Søgaard denies criminal guilt.

Søgaard himself is said to have stated that he lent NOK 275,000 in cash to a person, from whom he later received NOK 72,000.

Søgaard himself is said to have said that the sum of 72,000 was part of the repayment. It is this sum that is suspected of being money laundering.

Søgaard has previously opened up about the fact that he was homeless after being released from prison. Read more here.

Watch video from when Søgaard was released from prison in 2023:

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