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Second mainstay for Heidi Klum? Model mom chats about craftsman experience

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Second mainstay for Heidi Klum?  Model mom chats about craftsman experience

In the first episode of the 19th season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” Heidi Klum surprises with her knowledge. For many she is just the model mom. But there is probably also a craftswoman in her.

ByPegah Julia Meggendorfer

The 19th season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” (GNTM) has been running since February 15th. At the open casting in Berlin, the applicants – and for the first time also applicants – were allowed to show model mom Heidi Klum what they were made of. Alexandra was also there, the 21-year-old from Erfurt is an aspiring roofer, but now wants to try her luck as a model. Heidi definitely finds open ears when it comes to the topic of roofing.

GNTM: Heidi Klum has already covered a roof

After the walk, Alexandra tells us what she does for a living. Heidi is very interested and immediately asks: “Why did you end up on the roof?” Alexandra explains she has a personal connection with roofs because she grew up in an attic apartment. “It sounds stupid, but I just love it,” she adds, laughing.

In any case, Heidi Klum shares the fascination. “I’ve also covered a roof,” she says. She then describes individual work steps: First she stapled the roofing felt in place and then the roof tiles went on top. “Yes, I’ve done that before,” says Heidi, remembering this.

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GNTM: Will there be a height shoot?

Of course, Heidi is very enthusiastic about one thing: “But then you obviously wouldn’t be afraid of heights?” Heidi asks her candidate. Alexandra only answers with an honest: “I like being on top.”

But does this question mean that there will be another shooting at dizzy heights in season 19? If you want to find out this and more, you can tune in: GNTM runs every Thursday at 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben or in the stream on Joyn.

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