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St. Vincent and the Grenadines, premier shot in the head during the protest against the obligation to vaccinate

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The Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a nation in the southern Caribbean, Ralph Gonsalves was shot in the head as he was walking through the crowd during a protest against the vaccine requirement. Although not serious, he was transported to nearby Barbados for an MRI. “The prime minister is not in danger of life, but it is better to subject him to more controls,” a spokesperson said in an interview with Nationwide News.

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A video circulating on social networks shows Gonsalves submerged by people with a white shirt stained with blood. A voice shouts: “Someone has just the prime minister to the head with a stone!”. It is not yet clear how the accident happened. According to various witnesses, bottles and stones were thrown during the demonstrations. Information that local authorities have released to Reuters news agency is about a shot from a firearm. But for the national media it would be a stone.

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The incident occurred as Gonsalves was returning to Parliament to attend a session on public health reform that would require frontline health workers to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. A proposal that sparked the protests of citizens who in the capital, Kingstown, shouted: “My body, my choice”. The prime minister explained that the public health law would try to tidy up any controversy as some public sector workers in central government and state-owned companies will also be required to get vaccinated.

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