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Taiwan, China continues military exercises around the island

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Taiwan, China continues military exercises around the island

The Eastern Theater Command of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) announced that military maneuvers continue today in the sea and airspace around Taiwan, “focusing on organizing joint anti-submarine and maritime assault operations” . We read it in a note.

Beijing had initially indicated a period of maneuvers from 4 to 7 August in response to the visit to Taipei of the American speaker Nancy Pelosi. Yesterday, however, Pla con released announcements about the end of its war games, but the Taiwanese Ministry of Transport had announced a return to normal transport after “bans on flying and navigation” in six of the 7 zones. around the island it had failed since noon. The ban on the seventh zone, in the waters to the east, would remain in force until 10 local time (4 in Italy) on Monday 8 August. But the new announcement seems to reshuffle the cards and give the green light to routine exercises around the island.

“China fears our model”

The representative of Taiwan in Italy, Andrea Sing-Ying Lee, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, talks about the fears of an attack by Beijing: “People continued to live normally, flights continued and also transport seafarers: they just made a few detours to avoid the area. It is the fourth crisis of the Strait, but this time the pressure has intensified. China – he explains – did this exercise claiming that Nancy Pelosi has crossed the red line, but it is an excuse: speaker Newt Gingrich came 25 years ago and they did nothing. But now it is stronger, more robust and can afford these coercive actions. They think they have achieved a positive result and will try to repeat it in the future, but they can do nothing more: Taiwan has always been well defended and China knows it is not easy to attack. We have done nothing to counter them and we will continue along this line of strategic military balance. It is our best defense, with prudence and caution. After this experience, everyone knows that Taiwan is a peaceful country ».

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China would like to resume Taiwan, he stresses, “because it is an easy excuse to calm internal dissensions, to continue building a strong army and to warn against Taiwan’s example: it is not Chinese, but it is a society of Chinese historical culture. which enjoys democracy, freedom, human rights but also technology and socio-economic development. It is their denial, an example of what China would be like if it were free and democratic, and in Beijing they are afraid of it. Besides, they have no sovereignty over Taiwan, theirs would be an annexation ». Pelosi’s visit, he explains, “for us was a normal visit by parliamentarians from friendly countries. It does not prove that Taiwan is more independent, freer, more sovereign. For us all are friends, even the Chinese: it is the Beijing government that is against Taiwan. We have the same blood, but in theirs there are Marxism, Leninism and Maoism, in our no ».

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