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The knife murders in Sydney were not terror-related – Dagsavisen

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The knife murders in Sydney were not terror-related – Dagsavisen

The 40-year-old man stabbed and killed six people and injured at least twelve others before he was shot by a police officer at the scene.

– At this point there is still nothing, nothing we have, no information we have received, no evidence we have collected or intelligence information we have received, which indicates that this was driven by any particular motivation, ideological or otherwise, says New South Wales State Deputy Police Chief Anthony Cooke.

The police have spoken to the man’s family and have been informed that he has a history of mental health problems, according to Cooke.

Five of the six were women, and the man was a security guard at the shopping centre, according to the police. Among the injured is a nine-month-old baby, who was seriously injured. The child’s mother is among those killed.

Witnesses have described how the perpetrator ran through the shopping center with a knife and apparently randomly chose his victims. Several ordinary people and employees of the shopping center tried to stop him while others sought refuge in stores that were closed.

– We have seen the images of ordinary Australians who put themselves in danger to help their fellow citizens. That courage is quite special. That is the best in Australians, in the midst of this tragedy, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said on Sunday.

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