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The new head of Interpol is Emirati Al-Raisi, a general accused of torture

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The general of the United Arab Emirates Ahmed Naser Al-Raisi is the new president of Interpol. Raisi, head of the security forces of the United Arab Emirates, denounced for torture in five countries, including France and Turkey, was elected during the general assembly in Istanbul.

Interpol, the revolt of dissidents and NGOs against the “unpresentables” of the Arab Emirates and China

by our correspondent Gianluca Modolo

The assembly brings together police representatives from 194 countries. The new president has often been targeted by humanitarian organizations and international organizations on charges of torture and ill-treatment of political prisoners and dissidents, including Ahmed Mansoor, but also of the British academic Marc Hedges, accused of espionage in 2018 and sentenced to life in prison. Hedges was later pardoned under pressure from London, while Mansoor is still in prison.

This is why Interpol’s “red notices” must be reformed: a mechanism abused by despots to persecute dissidents. The appeal of over 60 NGOs

by Antonio Stango

Al-Raisi’s candidacy had sparked protests across Europe, especially in France and Germany where parliamentarians wrote to their respective governments asking for him to be boycotted. The Emirati general takes over from the Korean Kim Yong Yang, who had her term of office extended by one year due to Covid, and beaten the EU’s favorite candidate, Sarka Havrankova, outgoing vice president, chief of police of the Czech Republic whose career began in the footsteps of Belgian pedophile Marc Dutroux.

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Grace Meng, the wife of the former Interpol chief, speaks: “The Chinese government is a monster”

by our correspondent Gianluca Modolo


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