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the role of connection in the growth of structures

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the role of connection in the growth of structures

The research commissioned by EOLO highlights the role of a quality connection also in increasing employment

Residential care facilities for the elderly and disabled can benefit greatly from ultra-broadband. According to research commissioned by EOLOa leading benefit company in the provision of connectivity via FWA technology and the first B Corp in the telecommunications sector in Italy, a Community Research&Analysis, under the technical direction of prof. Marini of the University of Padua, more than two thirds of connected companies in the sector believe that ultra-broadband is essential for greater satisfaction of guests and relatives. Less than half of unconnected companies, however, are of the same opinion. A differential that does not fall below 25 percentage points for both items relating to satisfaction, highlighting how those who adopt ultra-broadband see results beyond expectations.

According to the companies that participated in the survey, the aspect that is mainly favored by connection is access to online entertainment services and training platforms. In fact, 87.6% of companies with ultra-broadband consider it one of the most important factors.

The research also shows that access to ultra-broadband does not replace jobs, but rather supports them and stimulates further increases from an employment point of view. The survey shows that companies that have ultra-broadband are expecting an increase in employment in 21% of cases, a figure more than 5 times higher than non-connected companies.

“Connectivity is a fundamental development driver for the country, allowing companies to grow and become more competitive”, points out Andrea Pelizzaro, Chief Sales Officer of EOLO. “The RSA sector is important for a country like ours, which is tending towards aging and which requires quality care and assistance for older people and those in need. To meet increasingly important needs, the research shows how ultra-broadband plays a crucial role in this sector too, with more than two out of three companies considering a quality connection fundamental for all aspects considered”.

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