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The stormy trip of Marco Maddaloni and Beatrice Luzzi – Big Brother 2023

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The stormy trip of Marco Maddaloni and Beatrice Luzzi – Big Brother 2023

Food, forest, open air and nature: it was supposed to be a relaxing day for the Tenants, but something went wrong!

Beatrice and Marco, due to some tensions, begin to argue, interrupting the idyllic moment. According to the champion, the woman provoked him by bringing up the topic of Nomination. It was a wonderful day: why start arguing? In any case, man justifies himself. She nominated her for having hurt her Neapolitan pride.

Beatrice asks why she didn’t choose Vittorio, who called it a bedside table. The athlete explains himself: Vittorio is young, he doesn’t want to get in his way and hopes he can have a brilliant career.

The man continues with the accusations and blames her both for having ruined the model’s path and for being greedy. She is a very intelligent woman, but she has never made her qualities available to others.

Perla also intervenes, supporting Marco’s theses. The judoka’s speech, according to the girl, is flawless and is constructive criticism.

At the end of the clip, Marco makes a clarification: he railed against her so much because he felt provoked. “Giò Giò, dad worked today too” the woman would have said, naming her son out of turn.

Beatrice tells a different version. According to her vision, she would do everything to tone her down and she never raised her voice. Marco disagrees: she too was rude, silencing him rudely.

Alfonso does an analysis together with the Tenants. Remaining faithful to what he has seen, the host finds that Beatrice has been surrounded by the group and the fact that the woman is alone against everyone is incontrovertible.

Grecia interrupts Alfonso and explains that Beatrice has been rude since the trip, talking into Sergio’s ear.

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The host continues the conversation. From a formal point of view, the actress is not wrong in saying that her house is united against her, but there is no need to be dramatic or excessive, in any case no serious episodes have arisen.

“Every time I see you so united against Beatrice, it’s something that annoys” specifies the host, however convinced that the actress is able to defend herself as best as possible.

According to Perla, everyone in the House is thoughtful and respected each other. If Beatrice is alone, it is because she wants to isolate herself voluntarily.

From the study, Fiordaliso cannot understand why no one took Bea’s defense. The scene, in his eyes, was unpleasant and in terms of aggression Perla is no different.

It’s Beatrice’s turn, who has been hurt by the laziness of others. No one intervened to calm Marco’s tone. The problem, according to her, is that his words are always read with hatred and, consequently, misinterpreted.

Anita also gives her opinion. The woman should take a step back and try to change her thinking, not always seeing evil, even where there is none.

Alfonso closes with an appeal: he hopes that everyone can turn the page and lighten up. Only in this way will they be able to go back to being as cheerful and carefree as they were at the beginning.

The Tenants listen in silence. Did they get the message?

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