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The super talent is leaving Vålerenga

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The super talent is leaving Vålerenga

He is only 18 years old, but Stian Solberg has already been talked about for several years as an extraordinary talent.

On Friday, he showed why. Because when Vålerenga’s finals hopes once again seemed to be dashed, and the need for something extraordinary was obvious, it was their own jewel that took responsibility.

Solberg showed composure, elegance and body control rarely seen when he took the puck from his own half and went all the way to the Stavanger Oilers goal. There he found space between the goalkeeper and the post, and ignited hope for the team he loves.

– I got the puck and saw that there was a bit of open ice there. I got a bit lucky with how it bounced there and then I put it on target. A little lucky, a little skill. It was delicious, Solberg told TV 2.

Twelve minutes later, the game was turned. Solberg scored his second goal. After the match, Vålerenga cheered wildly for having secured their dream final against Storhamar, and Solberg was praised as the match’s great player.

– What he delivered yesterday was absolutely wild! It’s extremely cool to see how an 18-year-old takes the ice like that and how he performs in such an important game. Very impressive, says TV 2’s hockey expert Jan André Aasland.

See the talent’s phenomenal scoring:

Leaving Vålerenga

Speculation about Solberg’s future has been going on ever since he made the step up to the A team.

In 2022, he visited the Swedish big club Färjestad. Several of the top clubs in Sweden were very interested in the Norwegian, but Solberg rejected the offers and stayed in Vålerenga for another season.

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After the big game on Friday, where he became the pitch’s big player, Solberg confirmed to TV 2 that he has decided where he wants to play next season. But the talent did not want to say where, nor anything about the decision that has been made.

THE BEST ON THE COURSE: Stian Solberg and teammate Sander Thoresen in the dressing room after the historic victory in Stavanger. Solberg was the pitch’s best player. Photo: Carina Johansen

TV 2 can learn that the 18-year-old is in his last weeks as a Vålerenga player for this time.

The Swedish big clubs Färjestad and Frölunda have been at the forefront of the hunt for Solberg. The choice must have fallen on Färjestad.

It does not necessarily mean that he will play for the big club next season. Solberg is highly likely to be drafted in one of the first rounds of this summer’s NHL draft. The club, which would then decide to choose Solberg, may have other plans for his future.

– Vålerengas perhaps the best

– I believe that Solberg has been perhaps Vålerenga’s best individual player in the entire play-offs. Not just because he scored two goals yesterday, but because of what he has delivered overall, says Aasland.

The expert naturally allowed himself to be excited by the way Solberg kindled hope for the visitors, with his reduction.

– It is an absolutely enormous individual achievement. It is not very often that we see scores like that. He gets past everyone and manages to put it in from an angle. A very good performance, says the expert.

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He has naturally caught on to the speculation in recent years about Solberg’s choice of club, and the expert sees it as natural that he now takes the next step.

– After what he has delivered, all that should really be missing is for him to move on. He has made the right choices. The fact that he chose to stay in Vålerenga before the season has been right for him. Solberg has had a great development. When you deliver such performances, it is absolutely right to try to take the next step.

– How many Norwegian 18-year-olds have you seen who have been better than Solberg?

– I don’t think we have seen so many 18-year-olds who have stayed in Norway, who have been better. We didn’t get to experience Michael Brandsegg Nygård in the Norwegian league.

– The way Solberg moves and owns the ice is quite unique. He wins almost every duel and has an adult way of playing, replies Aasland.

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