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The third edition of the Tokyo Olympics anti-epidemic manual releases clear specific penalties for violators of anti-epidemic

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  (Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) The third edition of the Tokyo Olympic Games’ Epidemic Prevention Handbook is released, clarifying specific penalties for violators of epidemic prevention

China News Service, Beijing, June 16. The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee released the third edition of the Olympic Epidemic Prevention Manual for athletes and delegation officials on the evening of the 15th. The new manual will be implemented on July 1.

The third edition of the Anti-epidemic Manual further clarifies the specific penalties for those who violate the anti-epidemic regulations, including related measures such as warnings, temporary or permanent cancellation of registration qualifications, cancellation of participation qualifications, and fines.

According to the provisions of the third edition of the epidemic prevention manual, for participants from overseas, the itinerary in Japan will be confirmed according to the global positioning system (GPS) of the smartphone. Within 14 days after entry, their actions will be strictly controlled. If any circumstances such as entering or exiting prosperous neighborhoods, refusing to accept testing, etc. are deemed to be violations of regulations, they will be punished in accordance with the provisions of the epidemic prevention manual.

The third edition of the Epidemic Prevention Handbook provides detailed regulations on the testing of overseas athletes and delegation officials before their departure, after arriving in Japan, during the Olympics, and when leaving Japan. According to the different locations, residences and identities of athletes and officials, different testing levels have been set up. For participants who are unlikely to have close contact with athletes, they only need to undergo testing every 4 days.

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According to regulations, during the Olympics, athletes will, in principle, undergo nucleic acid testing every day. Participating athletes must submit saliva samples at 9 am or 6 pm every day. The time for submitting saliva samples is set twice to ensure that the impact on the competition is minimized. In order to prevent irregularities and fraud, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee said it will implement random checks.

According to Japanese media reports, Coates, vice chairman of the International Olympic Committee and chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Coordination Committee, arrived in Tokyo on the 15th. He will stay in Japan until the opening of the Olympic Games to oversee the preparations for the last month of the Olympic Games.

The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee revealed that after arriving in Japan, Coates will be quarantined for three days. During the remaining 11 days, he must use a special vehicle to carry out work in accordance with the scheduled itinerary.

Coates said at a press conference on May 21 that even under the emergency declaration of epidemic prevention and control, Tokyo is entirely possible to host the Olympics. (Finish)


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