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Thousands of gas stations are running out of fuel to refill the UK

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Original title: The UK has a severe fuel shortage and thousands of gas stations are out of gas

Affected by factors such as the new crown epidemic and “Brexit”, British truck drivers have recently experienced a “labor shortage”. As fuel transportation relies mostly on trucks, a serious consequence of the labor shortage is the recent oil shortage in the UK. The British Gasoline Retailers Association said on the 27th that there was a serious shortage of fuel in the UK, and thousands of gas stations sold out on the 26th. The Gasoline Retailers Association represents nearly 5,500 independent gas stations in the UK. According to this organization, about two-thirds of the member gas stations reported that the fuel was sold out, and the fuel at other gas stations “partially bottomed out and is about to be sold out.”

Driver: I have waited for the gasoline for three days. I ran out of gas for the whole weekend. There was no gas at all. We have been trying to solve the problem of sending him to school. At the same time, we are also trying to refuel the car.

Brian Madsen, president of the British Gasoline Retailers Association, said that the fuel shortage is the result of “panic buying” and that the UK has enough fuel. However, these fuels need to be transported to gas stations by tankers at the terminals and refineries.

The British government previously tightened its post-Brexit immigration policy and advocated that Britain must stop relying on foreign labor. Coupled with the impact of the epidemic, people in the British truck industry estimate that there is a shortage of 90,000 truck drivers.

In response to the crisis, the British government intends to introduce about 5,000 foreign truck drivers by issuing short-term visas, but there are still analysts who believe that this measure is “too small and too late.”

Driver: If you want to be a real politician, politics is to be able to foresee things. They should foresee that when they go out, “Brexit” and everything else, they should know that there will be problems, such as drivers (shortage )The problem.Return to Sohu to see more


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