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Traffic in Zvornik | Info

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Traffic in Zvornik |  Info

One person was killed and four were injured in a traffic accident on the main road in Zvornik, the Zvornik Police Department announced today.

Source: Mondo – Slaven Petković

The passenger in the “Reno Laguna” NV car died, while the driver KM and the passenger TP were sent to the University Clinical Center Tuzla due to serious life-threatening injuries, after receiving medical help at the Zvornica Hospital.

Passenger MT and passenger TP were diagnosed with minor injuries at the Zvornik Hospital.

The police investigated the traffic accident in the presence of the duty prosecutor of the Bijeljina District Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The traffic accident happened tonight 50 minutes after midnight, and all five people were in the “reno lagoon”.


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